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My name is Haruna. My name is Haruna because I was born where the season Spring is beautiful and I was born in Spring. So my name starts with ‘Haru’ witch means Spring in Japanese. I’m 11 years old (2013). I go to a school called Yokohama International School.  I was born in America and my parents are Japanese, I have a older brother in 9th grade named Kazuki and I have a puppy named Cherie. This is a pic of my puppy⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊

Cherie is a Yorkshire terrier. Everybody in my family loves her because she’s like a idol in our house. She also brightens up my day 🙂



I love animals, quotes and hanging out with my friends. Most of my time when I’m bored I’m chatting with my friends. One reason I like quotes is because I think it inspires people and change how they think in a good way. Also I LOVE to watch videos. I watch lots of different kind of video. I could probably do nothing for a entire month and only watch videos. Oh ya almost forgot my symbol is this 🙂 yup SMILE it’s mainly because I’m always smiling and I don’t really know but when I noticed it was kind of my thing!! . My favorite artist is Cher Lloyd and my favorite song from her is this ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊. Click this link to go to my awesome friends youtube channel.

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My future dream is to be just a successful person that gets appreciated and gets trust from people. Also I want to be a person that is always positive and happy and brightens somebody’s day.

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