Author Visit

Adam Gidwitz


Three of the Grimm story books that Adam Gidwitz wrote

My story that I made

Yesterday, the author of the Grimm story books, Adam Gidwitz came to visit YIS from New York. He told us about a story called the “Juniper Tree” and answered many questions from us. After then, we created stories of our own and shared them to each other. He taught us very good ways of writing stories using a variety of techniques. I learned that having some imagination helps make a good story. It was really fun meeting him and I would like to read all of his three books he wrote.

Thoughts for Field Studies to Hakuba

The Grade 6s are going on a field studies to Hakuba, Nagano! I’m so excited for all the fun activities we’re going to do there and definitely know that we’ll have the most unforgettable days of our life. It is a time that you can get together with your roommates and friends and also find out new discoveries and experience new things. There is no way that this trip is going be the worst without any fun.

So, Let’s all have fun!!!

Investigate Relflection

For the past few weeks in technology class, we have been focusing on making good blogs. We created a brainstorm for the ideas to put on the blog and researched on types of blogs that give you some examples on making one. As I have checked other people’s blogs, they have their blogs written in different ways to attract more viewers and have different kinds of skills used to make it interesting. Together with that, we also learned about the things you can do to add posts, links, widgets, etc. All of these things helped us understand a lot more on what you can do better on your blog.

My Blog Brainstorm

Making my own blog will represent me a lot. What I put on my blog tells everything about myself. I can write personal things and I can have a chance to write intersting things that happen that day like at school. The blog will be about me and that’s what it makes special.

From the 6B criterias, one of the important criteria is variety. Having many different intersting things on your blog attracts much more viewers and makes it better for people to find things intersting.

Another important thing is that it has to be simple. If your blog is messy and unable to be read, you can’t find what you’re looking for and the owner of the blog can’t also organize their blog.

The last important thing are comments. Comments are very useful to share your messages and ideas for each post. You can write about what you liked and what you should add to make the post better.

My Blog Research

To make my blog meet the two things which are the variety and making it simple, I would add much more detailed posts that get you interested in and I would then try to make my blog neater and organized by keeping the things on the blog in order.

Throughout the whole thing I’ve done in the technology classes, I have really learned a lot on how you can make your blogs attractive and how you can change and add new posts. I enjoy working in this class and definitely thinks it’s awesome!