Whose is better? Kumamon or Funassyi’s song

         Kumamon                               Funassyi

At the moment in Japan, there are two famous mascot characters that represent and promote their city and prefecture. One is called “Kumamon” and the other is called “Funassyi”. Kumamon, a black bear, represents the whole of Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu and Funassyi, a pear shaped mascot, represents Funabashi city in the Chiba prefecture. These two have made their original songs, which I don’t think is that great. But some of you might find it interesting and funny so I’ll just introduce it to you. By the way, I like Kumamon better because he’s a lot more cuter and attracting rather than Funassyi.

Here are the two songs Kumamon and Funassyi made:

Drama Agreements

In drama class, we made a few agreements. There wasn’t anything difficult that much and we had some really good and interesting agreements. One of the agreement put up was that 80% of the class, we’ll be doing actual drama and for the rest, we’ll be talking about drama. What we could’ve done differently for this was that we probably should’ve gathered more ideas to turn them into good agreements. The knowledge we also used for this was everything what we learned from the beginning in drama class.

Improv, offer and accept

The Learner Profile

Our Agreements

Field Studies Day 3 ~ 5!

On day 3, my group and I went mountain biking. Mountain biking was a lot different and harder from normal biking. The bikes were huge and it was hard biking on the bumpy roads. It wasn’t comfortable at all, but you can get the hang of it when you do it once.

After doing mountain biking we went for garbage pickup at the river and we were given three garbage bags. One for burnables, one for non burnables and one for cans. We picked up many garbage on our way to the river. At the river, some of us were trying to make a small bridge with rocks to get to the the other side. On the way back to the hotel, we took a break at Lawson (convinience store) to buy snacks and drinks, went to a shrine and visited the ski jump field. By the time we got back to the hotel, we had a garbage bag fully filled with dirty garbage.

The river we went for garbage pickup

A pile of chesnuts stacked up


Ski jumping field

On Day 4, all of us went hiking on the mountain in Hakuba. Two dogs called Sky (mother) and Teddy (son) came with us too. It took us almost 6 hous to reach where we were going to. Up the mountain, we ate vegitarian curry and went back down after playing tag and stuff. That day at night, we presented our skits we were planning to do, along with a small party thanking the Evergreen staffs and the people from the hotel.

Teddy with a happy face

Day 5 was our last day in Hakuba before going back to YIS. It was in the morning and I packed everything getting ready to ride on the bus. Inside the bus, I was being reflective and looking back at the things we did from the first day until today. It was really sad to go home and say good bye to everyone in Hakuba after allwhat we experienced there. It was absolutely the most awesome days of my life and I would like to visit Hakuba again.

Check here to see a video more about this field studies made by Julynn

Field Studies at Hakuba Day 2!

On day 2, I went for rock canoeing and rock climbing. We were again split into groups. This time it was by if your last name starts with a odd or even number. My last name was even so I first had to to go canoeing.

But before going out for canoeing, we had to wear wet suits and practice how to row. Although putting on the wet suit was pretty hard, I somehow got it on. Then we got into groups of three or into pairs. I was with Alex. We got on a green canoe and headed to the left top area of the lake. One group’s canoe got tipped over and they were the first one to get inside the lake. We played a team ball game and swam in the lake. The lake was very cold and I could’ve almost died. As soon as we were done playing, Alex and I rowed fast back towards where we started. We got off the canoe and changed into our own clothes for the next activity. But it was lunch so we had to eat. Lunch was buritos together with ginger milk tea. It filled us up enough for the next activity which was rock climbing.

I already had experienced rock cimbing just once. Our group swithched with the other goup and went for rock climing. The place where we had to do it was needed to be gone by bus. When we arrived there, we were split into four groups and I had to do the one behind. I was being an inquirer by working to climb by myself.  The one was a little easy for me so I moved to another one. The one that I was going to to seemed to be a little challenging than the one before. I was worried if I could do it but it was actually easier than what I thought. I was tired when I did three of the courses and I only watched the others do. When it was time to leave, my friends and I told many jokes to each other and got to the hotel we were going to stay for the rest of the days. I put everything in my room and hanged out with my roomates.

Spider Tan (me) rock climbing

When it was getting darker, we went to the hotel’s restaurant and sat on the tablet to eat dinner. That night’s dinner was chicken breast with tomato sauce. We ate and talked for about 45 minutes and went back to our room and got out with a towel and a change of clothes to the onsen. I was done with the onsen and I was going to prepare for the hot air ballooning. When I gathered near the reception desk with a few boys and few girls, it was for hot air ballooning. We walked to the place and waited for the group infront of us to get down. They got down and it was my group’s turn to go. We got into the hot air balloon and suddenly the flame blowed. It was really hot and we floated up into the sky. Some of us were scared of hights (like me). I enjoyed the view up the sky at nigh. We floated down and walked back to the hotel.

The hot air balloon we got on

Field Studies at Hakuba Day 1!

For our Grade 6 filed studies, we went to Hakuba and we had lots of fun. We had a long bus drive for more than 5 hours to Evergreen Outdoor Center and the moment we got there, we were all running around like dogs. That day, we split into groups and we went on a hike while answering qustions about things in Hakuba. I think we were being real thinkers by making decisions for each questions.

The first night was more exciting. The campfire! During the campfire we told funny jokes and scary stories like the story of Red Rum. We also had hot chocolates with marshmellows and it tasted so good. When the campfire was finished, we quickly went to sleep in our tents that we built ourselves.

All of us around the campfire!!!

Ma découverte de Poitiers

For French, we had a little look about on a french city called “Poitiers”. Poitiers is one of the most famous city in France and has a population of over 120 thousand people. There are lots of places to visit like parks, cathedrals and museums. There are well-known famous people from longtime history, great regional specialities and much more other facinating things. Poitiers is a really wonderful city and attracts people from all around the world.

Futuroscope Theme Park is located in the North of Poitiers and has several 3D cinemas and a few 4D cinemas along with other attractions and shows.