Create Refletion

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed looking at my blog so far. In these few weeks, I have been making lots of different changes and I have been adding things to my blog. I have customized my backround image and have added many useful widgets (not all are useful). I especially had fun choosing the widgets to put on my blog.

I really like the theme of my blog because it represents myself a lot. It might seem to be wierd, but having minions all over my blog clearly represents me. I also like the theme because it keeps everything organized all the time and helps you find what you’re looking for easier. If I chose a different type of complicated blog, I would definately get lost and would not be able to find the things I’m looking for. Although I’m saticfied with my theme right now, I’m trying to still find a way to put my widgets up on the sides.

Cool widgets (not that I’m saying all of them…)

I like all my widgets on my blog, but I need to be careful with not putting on too much. Having lots of widgets, will make it too busy and disterbing. But if I at least have like 10, that’s probably fine. On my blog there are some fun and interesting widgets, so if you have any time please check. You can also listen to my voki wizard that I created.

My blog at the moment

Some parts on my blog, I can say are fully done but, I can still make it better by having poeple’s adivices and looking at there blog for more ideas to put down on my blog. Again, I hope all of you guys enjoy looking at my blog nad thank you for reading this “Create Reflection” post.

Our Introduction to Fractions

Did you know fractions are fun? That’s what Mr. Fedley says, but I say it’s boring.

Well let’s talk about fractions. A fraction is a way of showing a number or a piece of something which is not a whole number. A fraction usually has a denominator and numerator. The denominater shows total number that will make up a whole number or the pieces of something. The numerator shows the number or pieces that we have at the moment. You can find where the numerator and denominator go in a fraction down.

As you can see up at the picture, fractions can also be seen in real life. Look at the delicious piece of bread. Doesn’t it look so good? If you are smart in math, especially in fractions you’ll notice that I have a half of a full piece of bread. This can be written as 1/2 in a fraction, 1 as the numerator and 2 as the denominator.

I didn’t know what to do for a hard fraction so Mr. Fedley helped me chose something and it ended up to be a collection of rocks. Very very special rocks in fact (just kidding). So in the case, there supposed to be 40 rocks together, but there are only 7which I don’t care. In a fraction, this is written as 36/40. Here’s what I need to say. I think that collecting rocks are a really bad hobby.

Here’s an incorrect fraction.

You can see that there are three unevenly sized┬ápieces of leaves that are lined up. Two of them are normal sized but, one is little sized. It probably might appear on you as a family of leaves, the two as the mom and dad, the little on as the child. This can’t be showed as 1/3 though there are three pieces of leaves because one of them aren’t the same size as the other two.

Plan Reflection

After finishing the investigation process of the design cycle in technology class, we have planned on creating our blogs. For this we had to make three types of different blog designs however you want it to be, then choose the one that’s the best and most certainly represents you.

I chose this blog theme because I like the layout and the style where it’s keeps everything organized and neat. I don’t want people to not be able to find what they are looking for and want them to easily check my blog. The blog I drew also represents me a lot because I like having the backround colourful and my favorite animated characters are minions which I put on as a header image. I made all the things original as possible and made it so that people will know about me more.

Before continuing to develop and grow my blog, I will need to learn more about making my blog appealing to others and I will need to show more of who I really am. I think that I should visit other people’s blogs more often to get some ideas to improve my blog and I should find out what makes each blog special about it.

At this point, I’m super excited about creating my own blog and I can’t wait to learn new things next time to make my blog better.

Hanada Ikada Koto Piece

In the past few weeks in koto class, I have been practicing a song called “Hana Ikada”. Fo me it has been really hard playing becuase I have just started everything three months ago. Right now I’m trying my best and I’m getting myself prepared for the winter koto concert in December. Going down you can find a video of me practicing at home. I wasn’t able to play that well and it could’ve been better if I worked each part more times, but if you watch it I will like it a lot.

Drama Tournament Day 1!

Last week in Drama class, we had a tournament of 4 teams versing each other on acting in skits and making up stories that were connected to improv, offer and accept. At the moment my team, the minions, are winning and we are going to finish this tournement today to reflect how well we did.

Sumo Wrestling!!!

A game called “Die story die” where need to make up a story and end it.