Koto Piece Reflection

Hey guys!!! 🙂

For koto class, I’m practicing a small part from the piece called “Yamazato no Haru”. The title of this piece means “Spring Mountain Village” in Japanese. I have created a video on youtube and here it is:


When I played this piece, I think I did well on most of the basic parts. Although I had lots of problems and difficulties througout the peice, I was kind of able to make some effort. I think I did well on the connections between each note and making the presses clear from the pitch at the start to a higher pitch. It was hard for me to consider when I should’ve had my hands put on the left for some of the presses.

In this piece, I could’ve improved on keeping the tempo still as what was written on the music. I wasn’t thinking about the tempo at all, so many parts that were supposed to be slow weren’t exactly going slow. It would’ve been more smooth if I had the tempo kept right and gentle. I could’ve also concentrated on the dynamics to give some kind of imapact on the piece and audience if there was.

In conclusion, I think I have done this piece not so good, but in a formal way. I could’ve payed more attention to some of the certain parts that needed better improvement. I hope I can play “Yamazato no Haru” soon after I practice more and reflect each time while I finish playing.

Well anyways, good bye everyone!!!

One thought on “Koto Piece Reflection

  1. Thank you for posting, Tan!
    I think that you are making some good progress. Please make sure that you check your tuning carefully, each time you sit down to practice. Also, try to use the fingers as they are indicated in the music. Sometimes you are not using the third finger on lower notes where you should be. Keep practicing at a slow tempo, and then when you are comfortable with things you can speed it up.
    Keep up the good work!

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