What makes a great teacher? (Let me guess…)

In technology class, we’ve just finished the investigate stage of our Teachers of the Future project. For this blog post, I’m going to talk about “What makes a great teacher?”, our unit question and explain about which area of interaction fits well together with each idea for being a great teacher.

Areas of Interaction Graphic

                      Areas of Interaction

I think for first of all, good teachers should have a clear and confident voice. This might be important for the audience and the viewers of your tutorial because then they can easily follow you along with what you teach them. If you also have a clear and confident voice, it’s definite that people will strongly believe in what they’re taught and will give them a better chance to understand everything more.

Secondly, I think that good teachers should teach us true and logical facts about their topic. I think this could be important because if we learn what is completely wrong, we can’t use that knowledge for our aim and we’ll have to do something wrong forever.

Lastly, I think that good teachers should give us advices on how we can ideally make our work close to theirs. They should also include advices in each step and part of their tutorial to make it easy and workable. This helps us do whatever we need to do in a proper and mindful way overall. I think advices that encourages and pushes us forward to do all the work is especially something that has to be done by a teacher.

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These recent weeks in many classes including technology, we have been looking at the areas of interaction. In technology class, we have been thinking about what area of interaction fits this unit. For me I think Approaches to Learning is one because it explains everything about learning. A tutorial is a process of learning and it gives you a chance to learn throughout the things it teaches you. Approaches to Learning is one, but I also think Community and Service is another one too. This is because a tutorial is a service that provides you the right information you need to learn. Viewers can contribute with the the tutorial and can work each other with the creator of the tutorial.

In all I think that to be a great teacher, there are lots of major and important things that we need to know. I particularly learned that good teachers should have a close relationship between the viewers to have some sort of a connection. The teachers can interact with them to teach them something really useful. I also was able to realize at least two areas of interaction that fit this unit. I think I learned so many things while I was focusing on the essential components for being a great teacher.

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