Tutorial Plan Reflection

In technology class, we’ve just completed the planning stage for the tutorials we’re going to create. During this assignment, I think I was able to come up with many different ideas and I also learned how to become a great teacher to to teach the viewers something special and helpful. The topic for my tutorial was on how to draw a minion. I think I had confidence doing this becuase I’m kind of an expert within minions.

At first I’m going to talk about  a cupple of criterias for my storyboard. In my storyboard, I think I was really focused on trying to meet these certain types of criterias which were step-by-step, finished product and introduction. The storyboard I made shows step-by step because it let’s the viewers understand and follow much easier on the movements that happen in between the tutorial. I met this criteria by explaining each step clear and thorough on my storyboard. Also, finished product was shown very well too. I showed this criteria by giving an complete example at the start and maybe the end of the explanation. It’s always good to demonstrate or show the finished product to increase the amount of knowledge up in your head and undersatnd what your learning at the moment. Lastly, I think my storyboard showed the introduction pretty well because my scripts told about the main idea in a specific and detailed way. I also included a clip where I introduce the equipments. This helps you get ready anytime to do it and prepare everything quicker.

To make my tutorial interesting and effective for the viewers, I think that I should make my main idea stand out and give lots of helpful advices. I think my tutorial is going to be a great tutorial because I identified the importance of creating a tutorial myself. I think my storyboard defines each step well so I think it will be the same for my final tutorial. In the tutorial I will try to add steps, tips, and give challenges to help the viewers learn more. I will also film from different camera angles and zoom in to make the viewers watch the tutorial from different perspectives.

Before creating my tutorial finally, I still need to learn how to overlap a video on top of another video that is playing. I also need to know how to use a green screen and add that part to a project. I’m curious about it, but I have seen it be done so there’s nothing to be worried about. I hope that I can successfully do everything properly on my tutorial. When I’m filming and editing the tutorial, I need to always check and compare with the tutorial criteria our class made.

I look forward to creating my tutorial and teaching the viewers around the world how to draw a minion. I will work especially hard on explaining each important bit of the tutorial and I will give a strong point that will help them learn better.

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  1. Superstar! Your storyboard is so detailed and clear, I really have a good understanding of what your finished product will look like even before I’ve seen it. It sounds like you want to know how to use picture-in-picture and green screen – both of those are in the advanced setting on iMovie. You can check our class notes and ask about it in class and we’ll help. Great job!

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