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Hey guys, I finally finished my tutorial for techonology class. It’s about on how to draw a minion. I hope you enjoy it! And also try to share this tutorial so that more people can watch as well as learn too.

So now I will write the reflection. For the reflection I need to follow along the Visible Thinking Routine; Connect, Extend and Challenge. The connect has to relate to both tutorial and the criterias, the extend has to give something that we got from the ideas of other people’s tutorials and the challenge has to tell about what’s still challenging and need of improvement to you.


For connect, I think I most of the criterias connected a lot to my tutorial I made, altough some criterias didn’t fit perfectly. One of the criterias which connected to my tutorial is simpleness. I think I have kept my tutorial simple enough so that the viewers wouldn’t get confused with what happens in the tutorial. Another criteria I think I did well is on the step-by-step. My tutorial shows each step with clear advices and the form of my talking helps the viewers learn more about the steps. Lastly, I think I was also able to show confidence in my tutorial. I talked very specificly and in a fluent way. Confidence really pushes the viewers forward and makes them want to do the same thing.

In the tutorial I also thought that there were problems and improvements that I could make along the criterias we did. The angles and quality of my tutorial weren’t done that well at all. The angles would’ve given better ideas on each step and show a clear view. The quality too didn’t appear well. The part while I was drawing the minion was blury and didn’t show that good on the screen. These were about the two problems I had for my tuotiral.


By seeing other people’s tutorials, I think I noticed some differences between my tutorial and few improvements I could make. For me, I chosed to see Liam’s, Everest’s and Kenryo’s tutorial. These are the links for their tutorials: LiamEverestKenryo

When I watched these people’s tutorials, I think I was able to collect new and useful ideas. For Kenryo’s tutorial, for example, had lots of great ideas. He talked about his topic very formally and straight-forward. He just talked about his topic throughout the entire tutorial and he included many advices that would give the viewers a some thoughts related to his topic. Antoher tutorial that I think gave me ideas was Liam’s. His voice was easy to be heard and showed how to use all the ingrediants. These tutorials were very good and helped me come up with lots of great thoughts. I could look back at my tutorial and realize at diiferent aspects of my tutorial that needed improvement.


Something that will be my challenge when I make another tutorial next time is picture in picture and green screen. Picture in picture will show the finished product and what you’re doing at the moment. This helps the viewers learn more of what you need to be careful with and gives more interest watching the tutorial because they want to see each step very closely until everything is completed. The other one I would like to learn is green screen. Green screen can be very useful at certain times. It captures the person who is moving in front with another filmed or image backround. This can help me when I can’t film properly and I need a better qality for the backround. This is quite easy to do and will be helpful if I get to do the right thing.

In conclusion, I think I have pretty much included most of the criterias on my tutorial and I think I have connected those criterias well with the Visible Thinking Routine on this reflection. Even though if I had lots of improvements I could’ve done for next time, I still did all my best to create this tutorial and make it a good one. Overall I think I did a awesome job and I hope I can make a better tutorial than the one I did for this in the future.

It will be great if you could watch my tutorial and fill out my survey.

Thank you and see you soon!!!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial Create Reflection

  1. It’s me Everest

    I thought the tutorial was very good because of how you edit the parts and also when you draw the minion you fast forward it little just so you can’t make the people who’s watching this video get board.

    I learned that you are good at drawing yellow stuff. I also learned that the shape needs to be precise.

    I think you should improve on the drawing because i couldn’t see that well. But over all i thought i was awesome

  2. Well done Tan! Your reflection is very thoughtful and thorough! It’s great to see the ideas that you got from watching other people’s tutorials. I really appreciate your thoughtful reflection on your own work as well – you identified two key points that you could work on for your next tutorial.

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