Math Reflection (the most boring blog post in the world!)

Hello everyone! My name is Tan and I’m a student in 6B. I’m almost going to be in 7th grade. My math teacher is Mr. Fedley and he is from Austrailia. He loves teaching us and is a very nice teacher (I guess…)


In this semester, I have learned lots of fun and interesting things. But I don’t mean it for all the work. We learned are measurements, probability, integers, patterns and algebra and the exam.

This semester, we did a lot of textbook works and taught people math. We did some mathletics and paper worksheets.

I enjoyed doing the textbook works. LOL!! Actually I enjoyed the works he gave us because that made my tests results become better. I also enjoyed asking questions because Mr. Fedley always explains it in a understandable way.

This semester the integers unit was kind of hard because it had a lot of patterns and that is one of my weakness. Also I could’ve done better on the exam because I didn’t expect my marks.

Next year I want to be able to get a full mark for my report card. So I will ask a lot of questions even if Mr. Fedley won’t be there. Which is kind of sad 🙁 I will try to focus harder on algebra because it’s my strength. I hope to see you Mr. Fedley again angain and thank you for teaching us these past years. Have a safe trip!

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