Nature VS Nurture

The nature vs nurture is a debate on if the behaviours of a person is inherited or learned through the environment and life. I think that nature is what comes from your older generations and what is passed on to you.

As an example from BBC’s research, if you are born from both parents that was an olympic gold medalist runner many times, you might as well be fast having the genes passed on. But nurture comes in and also changes how fast you are. Good athletes train and train to extend their possibilities to get better and environments effect this a lot. there are countries like Kenya and Ethiopia, where there is plenty of high land and you become adapted to that enviornment. This passes on to the next generation and they get better too. Using Eugenics in sports is a big idea of making stronger and powerful people in certain sports.

Another example is a study of twins done by the ‘Lousville Twin Study’. Twins are born at the same time and can look simlilar meaning they are identical. These identical twins can though be different because one gets more nutritions during the reproduction process. But the intelligence and behaviours are within you already, although if you don’t study and the other studies for the whole time, then that’s different. People like Mozart had the smart genes since when he was born and he developed it as he grown.

Research by Cambridge study was to see how people act to adults and gender and if they are stereotypic. When an adult sees a baby girl with a boy’s clothes, they intend to give them a boy’s type of toy. And this is pretty stereotypic as people already think as boy’s should have a truck toy to play and girls with dolls. That image passes on to their children and parents tell them to play with boys with boy toys and girls with girl toys.

Overall our world has lots of both Nature and Nurture aspects which impact the way we think and behave.