Tennis- Personal Goal- GCD Reflection

I started playing tennis when I was 9 years old and started with no experience of playing tennis whatsoever. I have been attending tennis lessons and practices for once or twice a week to continue on improving my skills and to challenge myself in sports.

In past practices I have given myself a goal in tennis that will help me extend further with what I’m doing and to set a particular goal that will maximize my strengths. I set goals such as hittting 30 shots in a row from the backline, have more than 20 serves go in the court and win against the coach 5 times. I think that goals with specific numbers can be good to approch towards because once you accomplish it, then you can still increase the number and improve better.

Tennis is a very competetive and hard-working sport and it requires full energy and concentration to stay in the game. I run many laps on the court before actual practice to get my feetowrk ready and play some strokes with my classmates on court, which is a routine. When I was younger, I used to have no routines and goals which made it harder for me to be aware of what to imrove and train during practices because you have nothing reach up on.

I think that having a personal goal is important because it helps you achieve something in order to become more independant and skillful in any subject or aspect in life. I would work hard and practice more so that things won’t be boring. Personal goals may reflect on who you are as a person and what may interest you. For me I like playing tennis because there is always something to motivate you and achieve high rankings in tournaments or win against a strong tournament. A personal goal personally may be hard and challenging but it is important to extend on what you’re doing.