Reflection: Final Project

In the past few weeks for art class, we have been working on printmaking. The whole project was about creating a design as well as a pattern of our own to show something interesting.

The first step was to research on different types of patterns and draw them in our sketchbooks. When we had an idea for our final project, we had to start planning. The second step, we had to draw our design we chose and draw them on a piece of lined paper. The design had to be 10 cm (width)× 15 (length). The third step, we had to trace the design on the back of the paper with a 6b or 8b pencil on a window. It was good that the day I traced my design was a sunny day because that helped me see my design more clear and better. The fourth step, we sticked the design on a rubber plate with tape and make the design go on. The fifth step, we started to carve. For my design, I made sure that I carved each spot carefully. When we were done carving, we got paint. The tools and materials we used for this was a brayer, baren, paint palette and of course paint. The brayer was used to spread the paint all over the palette and get the paint on the rubber plate by rolling the brayer on it. The baren was used to softly press the carving palette with paint on a piece of paper (any color). We also mixed colors after we did some of our prints using one color.

From below I’ll be answering these questions in paragraphs.

1. Describe the part of your design that was influenced by another culture. Why did you choose that culture’s motif?

My design I made was influenced by a Hawaiian culture motif. I wanted to include a type of flower that represented the tropicalness of nature in Hawaii. The figures that were a smeicircle shape on the both right and left were tried to be shown as fruits with seeds in it. I chose this culture’s motif because I thought the aspects of it’s culture had a really simple design and I also thought it was easy to show some creativity in a way that makes the print look interesting. Also, I thought that the Hawaiian style of art was unlike other ones from other places and I thought it was a unique traditonal thing to do on my print design.

Photo on 6-13-14 at 7.49 PM

2. Describe the most difficult aspect of this project. Why was it so challenging?

I think the most difficult part of this entire project was sticking your design and drawing over on the rubber plate. In this step, what you had to do was to stick your design onto the rubber plate using tape. Then after sticking it, you had to trace your design agian with a 6b or 8b pencil to make the design get transfered on the rubber plate really clear. But for me, this process didn’t work out that well. Sticking my design onto the rubber plate was hard. It was mostly because the tape I chose was a made out of paper and it was not affective on the rubber plate making it kind of hard getting it sticked on. Also, the step where you use a 6b or 8b pencil to trace on the rubber plate was quite hard because I accidently put some of the tape where I had to trace after. Furthermore, the tape was sticky and strong. I had to try to not rip the paper, gently taking off a bit of the tape then tracing it over. I think that was something that I worked out well by myself.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.13.04 AM

3. Explain how you solved problems during this printmaking unit.

During this printmaking unit, I think I have sovled lots of problems other than sticking and tracing. First of all when I was carving my design onto my rubber plate, I was having some problems with carving the negative parts. I wasn’t really confident within my carving skills so I asked people around me to give me advice and help me on how I can carve better, not making my design being messed up. Those people I asked helped me and they told me that I didn’t have to carve that deep on the rubber plate. This was helpful because this would’ve taken me much more time and I wouldn’t have finished carving on schedule. Another problem I had was that I put too much paint on the palette in my first try I did. I knew that I put too much paint so I thought I could’ve shared it with other people if they wanted to have some of it. Afterall, I didn’t have to waste the paint and I ended up having to give the paint to my friends. The last problem I had was that I couldn’t really choose what my design should be at the beginning of this unit. I was thinking of many different kinds of designs from many different kinds of cultures. It was difficult for me to create my own design becasue I had lots of ideas up in my head. But I looked and searched up for types of designs on the internet that I had confidence in doing with and if that was what I really wanted to do.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.03.06 PM    Photo on 4-24-14 at 12.43 PM

4. Describe what you have learned this year in art class that will help you in Grades 7 and 8.

Throughout this year, I have increased my level of knowledge towards art. I have learned many things that will definitely help me in 7th and 8th grade. Starting with, I think I have learned how to use paint in a variety of ways. For my painting I did in the second unit, I had to get different colors of paint and put them on my painting. On the yellow backround, I decided to use two paint brushes and just spread them out everywhere. This seemed to work pretty well after and I thought it was a creative idea to do because I thought I was missing something. This made it really affective and it caught the other people’s attention much more. Also, another thing that will help me in 7th and 8th grade will be me having to ask for feedback from other people. I noticed that this whole year, the artworks that I did were helped by my peers. When I ask for them to give me advice, they always give me advice and work out problems with me. The first unit for example, I had a lot of people do that to me. The unit was about creating our portrait drawings and I was struggling if the details on my face really looked similar with how I look for real. So I asked people around me and I aksed them if it was turning out good. The result was even and some people agreed although some people disagreed. The people who disagreed told me how to improve on it and with their help, I could make it much more realistic than before. Now at the moment, I know that it can be a big help for other people to give us feedback and advice so that your artwork can be improved and made to a better one.

Next year for art class (although I will be going away), I will be aiming for new goals and I will be going to make my art skills improved by trying to do my best all the time. I will continue on having to encourage myself to think more creative in making different kinds of artworks. But to be able to these things, I need to first follow the steps and to the instructions told by the teachers.

My Artist Statement

In art class, we have been working on a very long project for our second unit and we are a few steps away to finishing. The project relates to a portrait painting that expresses a person, yourself or either someone else. For this unit we were told to draw an portrait painting that will show the person’s identity, culture and as well as their emotion. We also learnt about the color wheel and how the system works. With that useful knowledge from the color wheel, we were able to to express the person with all sorts of different colors. Most students in our class decided to draw our friends or our people from our family. I eventually decided to draw Ryu and introduce the main things about him.

Here is the sketch of the portrait painting I did at the very first.

Photo on 3-13-14 at 12.06 PM

Throughout this unit, I think I have improved on drawing a person’s face more realistic and commonsense. At the end, I realized that the portrait really looked like Ryu. It demonstrated his emotions on his face and the important ideas on the backround. He liked to do baseball and he was a fan of the Yokohama Baystars, so I chose to draw  him wearing the uniform and cap on his head. I also drew two flags that represent his own country; the Philipines and Japan because he is half filipino and half Japanese. The cross on his neck represented Ryu beingas a Christian as well.

Here is the portrait painting that I finshed at the end.

Photo on 4-24-14 at 12.43 PM

When I started the outline of the project I was thinking about things that described Ryu. But I remembered about the checklist we’ve done at the beginning of this unit and I looked back at how I could use colors to express Ryu’s feeling and emotions. When I started the painting I could see a couple of problems. It was hard for me to get the exact color I wanted and it didn’t blend well that together. So I dipped my brush in the water and I just spilt a tip of it to blend even better.   Also, when I finished the painting I thought about getting advice from people around me so that they can help me with my my painting and improve it more. I kept on doing this process at the end and I got of great feedbacks that actually helped my painting.

One of the strength is all the colors. The colors represent Ryu by showing him having a pssionate side (orange) and a cool side (blue) on his face. Also the backround are close to the complementary colors blue which are mainly yellow. I decided to do a complementary color of blue so that it wouldn’t be too simple and boring. The gradations on some parts were good too. For example, the cap on Ryu’s head has gradation on the lower part. This is a strength that I showed, but I could’ve still blended colors more. Another strength is the composition. My composition was very good because the painting was split in two. One side was a drawing of the baseball ground and the other was a drawing of Ryu. This made it look more interesting and made it differ from what most people do. My weakness, although, was the lack of blending colors. This unit was all about blending colors and to express the person with colors, but I didn’t blend that much. If I had I had blended more colors, it would’ve been more creative and it coould’ve caught more attention from people.

I think the painting shows Ryu’s emotions and feelings by the colors a lot. Another way I expressed Ryu was with the items on the background. I tried to include a certain type of aspect that tell part of Ryu’s life. This can maybe connect to Ryu’s dreams. Ryu said to me that he wanted to become a baseball player someday and become famous. So I decided to try to include how he felt at that time. Lastly, another way I expressed Ryu is by his facial expression. There are mixed emotions that clearly show who he is, where he’s from and what he wants to be. I enjoyed creating this painting and I had lots of fun doing it. It was challenging and I hope to do better next time I do something like it. I know there are many things that I could improve on, but I liked the colors I used and I think I did a great job. I’m proud of what have done and I think I was able to learn many kinds of teqniques and skills during this unit. This will definitely lead to my future artworks!

Art Portrait Painting Sketch Reflection

Hey guys, recently in art class we’ve been drawing portraits of people and our final task is to paint it.

The subject of my painting is Ryu, my friend and I’m going to mainly do about the connection of him and baseball. I chose the colours of his country which are Philipines and Japan; Red and Yellow and Blue. I’ll also try to add some complementary and analogous colours to make it more look interesting in sort of way. I think this a good chance to learn and understand each other better beacuse we get to reflect back on their personality and emotions they have inside. I’m few steps behind at the moment, but I’ll do my best to catch up and finish this painting nicely as possible.

This is the sketch I did before I was going to paint. (It’s blurry….)

Photo on 3-13-14 at 12.06 PM