Drama Tournament Day 1!

Last week in Drama class, we had a tournament of 4 teams versing each other on acting in skits and making up stories that were connected to improv, offer and accept. At the moment my team, the minions, are winning and we are going to finish this tournement today to reflect how well we did.

Sumo Wrestling!!!

A game called “Die story die” where need to make up a story and end it.

Drama Agreements

In drama class, we made a few agreements. There wasn’t anything difficult that much and we had some really good and interesting agreements. One of the agreement put up was that 80% of the class, we’ll be doing actual drama and for the rest, we’ll be talking about drama. What we could’ve done differently for this was that we probably should’ve gathered more ideas to turn them into good agreements. The knowledge we also used for this was everything what we learned from the beginning in drama class.

Improv, offer and accept

The Learner Profile

Our Agreements