Tutorial Create Reflection

Hey guys, I finally finished my tutorial for techonology class. It’s about on how to draw a minion. I hope you enjoy it! And also try to share this tutorial so that more people can watch as well as learn too.

So now I will write the reflection. For the reflection I need to follow along the Visible Thinking Routine; Connect, Extend and Challenge. The connect has to relate to both tutorial and the criterias, the extend has to give something that we got from the ideas of other people’s tutorials and the challenge has to tell about what’s still challenging and need of improvement to you.


For connect, I think I most of the criterias connected a lot to my tutorial I made, altough some criterias didn’t fit perfectly. One of the criterias which connected to my tutorial is simpleness. I think I have kept my tutorial simple enough so that the viewers wouldn’t get confused with what happens in the tutorial. Another criteria I think I did well is on the step-by-step. My tutorial shows each step with clear advices and the form of my talking helps the viewers learn more about the steps. Lastly, I think I was also able to show confidence in my tutorial. I talked very specificly and in a fluent way. Confidence really pushes the viewers forward and makes them want to do the same thing.

In the tutorial I also thought that there were problems and improvements that I could make along the criterias we did. The angles and quality of my tutorial weren’t done that well at all. The angles would’ve given better ideas on each step and show a clear view. The quality too didn’t appear well. The part while I was drawing the minion was blury and didn’t show that good on the screen. These were about the two problems I had for my tuotiral.


By seeing other people’s tutorials, I think I noticed some differences between my tutorial and few improvements I could make. For me, I chosed to see Liam’s, Everest’s and Kenryo’s tutorial. These are the links for their tutorials: LiamEverestKenryo

When I watched these people’s tutorials, I think I was able to collect new and useful ideas. For Kenryo’s tutorial, for example, had lots of great ideas. He talked about his topic very formally and straight-forward. He just talked about his topic throughout the entire tutorial and he included many advices that would give the viewers a some thoughts related to his topic. Antoher tutorial that I think gave me ideas was Liam’s. His voice was easy to be heard and showed how to use all the ingrediants. These tutorials were very good and helped me come up with lots of great thoughts. I could look back at my tutorial and realize at diiferent aspects of my tutorial that needed improvement.


Something that will be my challenge when I make another tutorial next time is picture in picture and green screen. Picture in picture will show the finished product and what you’re doing at the moment. This helps the viewers learn more of what you need to be careful with and gives more interest watching the tutorial because they want to see each step very closely until everything is completed. The other one I would like to learn is green screen. Green screen can be very useful at certain times. It captures the person who is moving in front with another filmed or image backround. This can help me when I can’t film properly and I need a better qality for the backround. This is quite easy to do and will be helpful if I get to do the right thing.

In conclusion, I think I have pretty much included most of the criterias on my tutorial and I think I have connected those criterias well with the Visible Thinking Routine on this reflection. Even though if I had lots of improvements I could’ve done for next time, I still did all my best to create this tutorial and make it a good one. Overall I think I did a awesome job and I hope I can make a better tutorial than the one I did for this in the future.

It will be great if you could watch my tutorial and fill out my survey.

Thank you and see you soon!!!

Tutorial Plan Reflection

In technology class, we’ve just completed the planning stage for the tutorials we’re going to create. During this assignment, I think I was able to come up with many different ideas and I also learned how to become a great teacher to to teach the viewers something special and helpful. The topic for my tutorial was on how to draw a minion. I think I had confidence doing this becuase I’m kind of an expert within minions.

At first I’m going to talk about  a cupple of criterias for my storyboard. In my storyboard, I think I was really focused on trying to meet these certain types of criterias which were step-by-step, finished product and introduction. The storyboard I made shows step-by step because it let’s the viewers understand and follow much easier on the movements that happen in between the tutorial. I met this criteria by explaining each step clear and thorough on my storyboard. Also, finished product was shown very well too. I showed this criteria by giving an complete example at the start and maybe the end of the explanation. It’s always good to demonstrate or show the finished product to increase the amount of knowledge up in your head and undersatnd what your learning at the moment. Lastly, I think my storyboard showed the introduction pretty well because my scripts told about the main idea in a specific and detailed way. I also included a clip where I introduce the equipments. This helps you get ready anytime to do it and prepare everything quicker.

To make my tutorial interesting and effective for the viewers, I think that I should make my main idea stand out and give lots of helpful advices. I think my tutorial is going to be a great tutorial because I identified the importance of creating a tutorial myself. I think my storyboard defines each step well so I think it will be the same for my final tutorial. In the tutorial I will try to add steps, tips, and give challenges to help the viewers learn more. I will also film from different camera angles and zoom in to make the viewers watch the tutorial from different perspectives.

Before creating my tutorial finally, I still need to learn how to overlap a video on top of another video that is playing. I also need to know how to use a green screen and add that part to a project. I’m curious about it, but I have seen it be done so there’s nothing to be worried about. I hope that I can successfully do everything properly on my tutorial. When I’m filming and editing the tutorial, I need to always check and compare with the tutorial criteria our class made.

I look forward to creating my tutorial and teaching the viewers around the world how to draw a minion. I will work especially hard on explaining each important bit of the tutorial and I will give a strong point that will help them learn better.

The Great Human FlipBook Challenge Reflection

In technology class, we made a FlipBook animation video before planning to make our tutorials. Some people also call it stop motion, but it doesn’t really matter to me. This project was super fun and we had lots of great ideas come out. We had to do this entire project in a total of 50 minutes.

  • 10 minutes to plan in teams of 3-4 people
  • 20 minutes to take pictures and act out flipbook
  • 20 minutes to edit in iMovie

Our team, me, Alex, Ryu and William, decided to do a scene where we had to take down a horse that was over controlled. Coincidently, Ryu brought a horse mask so it was perfect for the act we were going to do.

Here’s the flipbook video we made:

During this project, I learned that creating flipbooks are really hard work. It takes a lot of time even just make a one minute flipbook and needs a huge amount of effort to put in. Although taking a video might be shorter than taking so many pictures can be a true fact, there are some things that make flipbooks special and I believe that it’s worth doing it. I like how there’s an space between each connected picture and how it’s shown into a video. Overall, I think making flipbooks are fun to do and gets you drawn into that world.

What makes a great teacher? (Let me guess…)

In technology class, we’ve just finished the investigate stage of our Teachers of the Future project. For this blog post, I’m going to talk about “What makes a great teacher?”, our unit question and explain about which area of interaction fits well together with each idea for being a great teacher.

Areas of Interaction Graphic

                      Areas of Interaction

I think for first of all, good teachers should have a clear and confident voice. This might be important for the audience and the viewers of your tutorial because then they can easily follow you along with what you teach them. If you also have a clear and confident voice, it’s definite that people will strongly believe in what they’re taught and will give them a better chance to understand everything more.

Secondly, I think that good teachers should teach us true and logical facts about their topic. I think this could be important because if we learn what is completely wrong, we can’t use that knowledge for our aim and we’ll have to do something wrong forever.

Lastly, I think that good teachers should give us advices on how we can ideally make our work close to theirs. They should also include advices in each step and part of their tutorial to make it easy and workable. This helps us do whatever we need to do in a proper and mindful way overall. I think advices that encourages and pushes us forward to do all the work is especially something that has to be done by a teacher.

images-2    images-3

These recent weeks in many classes including technology, we have been looking at the areas of interaction. In technology class, we have been thinking about what area of interaction fits this unit. For me I think Approaches to Learning is one because it explains everything about learning. A tutorial is a process of learning and it gives you a chance to learn throughout the things it teaches you. Approaches to Learning is one, but I also think Community and Service is another one too. This is because a tutorial is a service that provides you the right information you need to learn. Viewers can contribute with the the tutorial and can work each other with the creator of the tutorial.

In all I think that to be a great teacher, there are lots of major and important things that we need to know. I particularly learned that good teachers should have a close relationship between the viewers to have some sort of a connection. The teachers can interact with them to teach them something really useful. I also was able to realize at least two areas of interaction that fit this unit. I think I learned so many things while I was focusing on the essential components for being a great teacher.

Investigate Reflection- Tutorial

In technology class, we have just finished the investigate stage about different kinds of tutorials. At the beginning of this stage, we researched on tutorials relating to a certain topic. I love minions so I chose tutorials about drawing minions! Then after that we worked on making a practice tutorial of our own. This was very helpful for me becuase by doing this, I could gather up more ideas on what I could’ve improved. Having to use this knowledge in a proper way will make it a lot easier for me to make a attracting final tutorial for the viewers. My favorite tutorial I researched on and the practice turtorial I created were both about different things but they both were full with useful ideas and some parts which were needed to be improved.

Below are the two people’s blogs that I commented on about their favorite tutorials:

Kiyoka’s Favorite Tutorial

I think her tutorial about DIY mugs was really great 😀 I learned that it’s better to use a cheaper mug rather than a expensive mug becuase it needs to have less glaze and so that the design stays sealed when it gets out from the oven. The tutorial explained each step carefully and showed us her work from different angles. It was easy to follow along, but she could’ve added some descriptions or lables to make her tutorial even more better.

Alex’s Favorite Tutorial

The favorite tutorial that Alex chose was on how to draw Dipper from the cartoon series program, “Gravity Falls”. I learned that even if you don’t put a smile on a cartoon character’s face, you can still make it cute by having the eyeballs drawn big. I liked that she described everything specifically and gave us advices on how we could make our drawing close to hers. Although it was a good tutorial, it also needed some improvements. The creator of the tutorial couldv’e made the tutorial more steady and could’ve avoided blocking the view of her drawing. This can make it hard for the viewers to see and can make them miss the important parts.

Here is the link to “My Favorite Tutorial” blog post.

On the practice tutorial, I think I did well on giving specific descriptions and lables for each slide similarly to my favorite tutorial that I chose. My practice tutorial included information that accurately and reasonably explained the steps carefully. This really makes it easier for the viewers to understand and follow along the tutorial to continue on next. I could’ve made the circles and squares clearer and stand out more so that it will be noticable on what it’s mainly circled or what it’s reffering to.

I could’ve also improved on adding more pictures and images. Pictures can capture the viewers attention and pictures that especially relate to the topic of your tutorial make it a lot better and truly interesting. Pictures are absolutely something that are needed in tutorials to catch the eye of the viewers and is very important.

I really noticed lots of differences in between the practice tutorial I made and my favorite tutorial I chose. These taught me that it’s always important to think about the audience and viweres first of all.

Throughout this investigate stage, I have learned about so many things. Watching and reflecting different kinds of tutorials allowed me to collect tons of information. I have also enjoyed this entire investigate stage and I’m extremley excited for the create stage so that I can make my own tutorial soon.


My Favorite Tutorial

In technology class these past few weeks, we have been researching on “What makes a good tutorial?” We have looked at 3 to 4 tutorials on the internet and learned some of the important ideas that we can use for our tutorial that we are going to create after we plan our tutorial. For me, I chose a topic which was obviously about drawing minions or either evil minions and carefully looked at it closely to think about what made it good and what was needed to be improved about it. This taught me a lot with the elements I need to include in my tutorial and to give the viewers an easier way to learn from it.

Here’s the tutorial 🙂 ….

From my research, I think the first tutorial was the best for me. It didn’t include much of effort within the technical stuff, but explained each step very carefully and used lots of examples from our prior knowledge to make it easy for us to follow along. One of the examples that I liked was when she gave an example of the minion’s body as a jelly-bean shaped figure. This was good, but I also think she did well to communicate with the viewers. She gave them some time to reflect and learn, which made it easier for them to draw after watching the tutorial. I think the actual aim of creating a tutorial is to make it just right for the viewers and to lead them the way to do what you’re teaching them properly.

Well, this is the end of my blog post and see you until the next time!!!

Create Refletion

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed looking at my blog so far. In these few weeks, I have been making lots of different changes and I have been adding things to my blog. I have customized my backround image and have added many useful widgets (not all are useful). I especially had fun choosing the widgets to put on my blog.

I really like the theme of my blog because it represents myself a lot. It might seem to be wierd, but having minions all over my blog clearly represents me. I also like the theme because it keeps everything organized all the time and helps you find what you’re looking for easier. If I chose a different type of complicated blog, I would definately get lost and would not be able to find the things I’m looking for. Although I’m saticfied with my theme right now, I’m trying to still find a way to put my widgets up on the sides.

Cool widgets (not that I’m saying all of them…)

I like all my widgets on my blog, but I need to be careful with not putting on too much. Having lots of widgets, will make it too busy and disterbing. But if I at least have like 10, that’s probably fine. On my blog there are some fun and interesting widgets, so if you have any time please check. You can also listen to my voki wizard that I created.

My blog at the moment

Some parts on my blog, I can say are fully done but, I can still make it better by having poeple’s adivices and looking at there blog for more ideas to put down on my blog. Again, I hope all of you guys enjoy looking at my blog nad thank you for reading this “Create Reflection” post.

Plan Reflection

After finishing the investigation process of the design cycle in technology class, we have planned on creating our blogs. For this we had to make three types of different blog designs however you want it to be, then choose the one that’s the best and most certainly represents you.

I chose this blog theme because I like the layout and the style where it’s keeps everything organized and neat. I don’t want people to not be able to find what they are looking for and want them to easily check my blog. The blog I drew also represents me a lot because I like having the backround colourful and my favorite animated characters are minions which I put on as a header image. I made all the things original as possible and made it so that people will know about me more.

Before continuing to develop and grow my blog, I will need to learn more about making my blog appealing to others and I will need to show more of who I really am. I think that I should visit other people’s blogs more often to get some ideas to improve my blog and I should find out what makes each blog special about it.

At this point, I’m super excited about creating my own blog and I can’t wait to learn new things next time to make my blog better.

Investigate Relflection

For the past few weeks in technology class, we have been focusing on making good blogs. We created a brainstorm for the ideas to put on the blog and researched on types of blogs that give you some examples on making one. As I have checked other people’s blogs, they have their blogs written in different ways to attract more viewers and have different kinds of skills used to make it interesting. Together with that, we also learned about the things you can do to add posts, links, widgets, etc. All of these things helped us understand a lot more on what you can do better on your blog.

My Blog Brainstorm

Making my own blog will represent me a lot. What I put on my blog tells everything about myself. I can write personal things and I can have a chance to write intersting things that happen that day like at school. The blog will be about me and that’s what it makes special.

From the 6B criterias, one of the important criteria is variety. Having many different intersting things on your blog attracts much more viewers and makes it better for people to find things intersting.

Another important thing is that it has to be simple. If your blog is messy and unable to be read, you can’t find what you’re looking for and the owner of the blog can’t also organize their blog.

The last important thing are comments. Comments are very useful to share your messages and ideas for each post. You can write about what you liked and what you should add to make the post better.

My Blog Research

To make my blog meet the two things which are the variety and making it simple, I would add much more detailed posts that get you interested in and I would then try to make my blog neater and organized by keeping the things on the blog in order.

Throughout the whole thing I’ve done in the technology classes, I have really learned a lot on how you can make your blogs attractive and how you can change and add new posts. I enjoy working in this class and definitely thinks it’s awesome!