Qualities are a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. In our usual daily lives, there are some very important aspects of qualities that we need to have. The table below are the qualities that appear often in my life. These relate to academic, social, community and environmental qualities.


How this looks every day:


Academic- I believe what say and answer is right during school time.

Physical- I have confidence in getting 1st place in cross country and winning in sports matches.


Physical- I play together with my friends on the weekends and work out things as a whole team.


Physical- I exercise to stay fit always during recess or when doing sports activities.


Social- I talk to my friends and family for fun and exchange information to each other.


Social- I help and actively encourage people to have further progress in their work when they’re struggling with it.


Social- I sometimes use funny puns in my conversation and tell jokes to build more interest and character in what I say.


Social- I think of new ideas everyday and try to turn them into useful components in daily life.

Academic- When I need to write a story, I create an imaginative story up in my head to have a better intention of what kind of story I’ll make.

Hard Work

Academic- I study hard to prepare myself for the tests and assessments we have to do.


Social- I take care of my computer so that it won’t fall down and break accidentally.


Community- When there’s an elderly or crippled person on the bus or the train, I offer and give over the seats to them to be in a comfortable position.

Academic- I listen and pay attention carefully to what the teachers say in class.

Environment- I don’t criticize and say unfair things that might be a disgrace to that place’s culture or property.

Having these qualities, I think there will be lots of improvements and affections in daily life. If you are being respectful to people, they will also be respectful back to you. Some of these qualities also will give you a chance to change your personality and yourself.

Thoughts for Field Studies to Hakuba

The Grade 6s are going on a field studies to Hakuba, Nagano! I’m so excited for all the fun activities we’re going to do there and definitely know that we’ll have the most unforgettable days of our life. It is a time that you can get together with your roommates and friends and also find out new discoveries and experience new things. There is no way that this trip is going be the worst without any fun.

So, Let’s all have fun!!!