Kindergarten Visit Refelction

Today we visited a kindergarten classroom and each of us were assigned with a kid. My partner was a girl was named Rain and I read books as well as played some fun games.

I was first confused and unsure of how I could start off communicating with her, but she introduced herself to me and was enthusiastic for the acivities. I read a book about baking recipes and I was pretty commucative as I taught her what some words meant and asked for her opinions on the pictures and characters. This is when I thought that by communicating with each other, you can have a closer relationship and you get less nervous as you talk about things.

I was also caring as I followed what she wanted to do and I didn’t disagree on her actions and thoughts. When she brought a japanese game called “Ohajiki”, a game using marbles, I didn’t know how to play it really well. She taught me how to play it and although it was still hard to understand, I wanted her to have fun with the marbles, so I decided to make rainbow marbles together and she liked it a lot.

I was also reflective on the days when I was a kindergartener. It was useful to know how kindergarten was like and what experiences I had. This enabled me to relate more things together and lead the activities. The girl was very kind and talkative.  She sat next to me and I remembered how teachers used to read books to me with expression, so I put some expression in my reading to make it more interesting for her and afterall it looked like she had fun.

Being with kindergarteners today helped me learn how to get closer with people you first meet and make it fun for people by talking about things.

Tout pour la rentrée- French

In French class we have started a new unit on school supplies. On this blog post, I’m going to write the answers for each question on the video we watched in class. Here is where you cand find the website to the questions. Login, select chapitre 3 and also select mise en train. Then once you have selected, you just click on “Go!” and find Activités 1-5 on that page.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 6.17.56 PM    Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 6.20.14 PM

Activités 1

1. What is the relationship between Julie and Mme Pelletier? How do you know? Julie is the daughter of Mme Pelletier and Mme Pelletier is the mother of Julie. It seems that they live in the same house and they discuss a lot together.

2. Where are they? They are in a stationary or either a school supply store. 

3. What are they doing there? They are trying to find the eqiupments and supplies for Julie’s school.

4. Why does Julie need a calculator? She needs a calculator to use it for her English class. 

5. What is Mme Pelletier’s main concern? She does not agree with what Julie suggests to buy. Julie wants to buy a green bag, but Mme Pelletier disagrees because it’s too expensive and thinks it’s better to buy a different one.

6. What do you think of Julie’s decision at the end of Pas question!? It was really smart for her to buy a cheaper bag than the other bag she wanted to buy and got her mother a blue t-shirt, not spending the rest of the money on her own.

Activités 2

1. Elle aime la calculatrice à 80 € is said by Julie so it becomes “Julie aime la calculatrice à 80 €.”

2. Elle voudrait une calculatrice-traductrice is said by Julie so it becomes “Julie voudrait une calculatrice-traductrice.”

3. Elle aime mieux le sac à 12 € is said by Mme Pelletier so it becomes  ”Mme Pelletier aime mieux le sac à 12 €.”

4. Elle aime mieux le sac vert is said by Julie so it becomes “Julie aime mieux le sac vert.

5. Elle va aller à l’école sans sac is said by Julie so it becomes “Julie va aller à l’école sans sac.”

6. Elle n’achète pas un sac à 33 € is said by Mme Pelletier so it becomes “Mme Pelletier n’achète pas un sac à 33 €.”

Activités 3

1. ask what someone needs? Qu’est-ce qu’il te faut?

2. tell what you need? Il me faut…

3. get a salesperson’s attention? Pardon, mademoiselle.

4. ask the price of something? C’est combien?

5. say you like or prefer something? J’aime mieux…

6. say you don’t like something?  Je n’aime pas que!

Activités 4

1. Mme Pelletier asks Julie what she needs for school.

2. Mme Pelletier asks a salesperson if she has any pencil cases.

3. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a box of coloured pencils.

4. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a calculator.

5. Julie points out a bag she likes.

6. Julie says she will go to school without a bag.

Acitivités 5

What do you think will happen next in the story? I think in the next story, Julie is probably going to see all of her students in class having more expensive bags than hers and she will ask Mme Pelletier to buy another one instead of the bag she has right now. Then she will greed Mme Pelletier to buy it and she will bring it to school the next day.