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Hey guys! For school, we’re making this page to share our work throughout this whole semester. I have chose several subjects in school and I will relate these to the learner profile. The learner profile I’m going to use are Risk-Taker, Knowledgable, Caring, Reflective and Balanced. 4 of them are going to be something about what I did good and 1 is about what I ned to improve. I hope you can learn more about me and how I act during school time.

At first I need to introduce to you about some of my goals for this semester.

So here are those goals:

  1. To pay more attention during class.
  2. To concentrate on the work that I do.
  3. To have confidence in all subjects.

For the very first goal, I think that I should pay more attention because it’s important to listen to the instructions told by the teacher, to be able to do what’s needed to do. In science class, I once had those test tubes become broken accidentaly or maybe for not listening to the instructions right. I think I should’ve been a little more self-controlled in some ways and follow the directions in order to understand what to do next before I take into action.

For the second goal, I think I need to concentrate on the work and things that I do. If I don’t concentrate, I could get lost and can’t follow with the others. I have be able to keep steady and just concentrate on my work, nothing else. This will help me become a much better student for many classes.

For the third goal, I think I need to have confidence in all subjects because then I can learn things I do in class more efficiently. Confidence gives you enjoyment in every subject and can be really helpful against the students. It can make us work harder and study a lot more.

I try to achieve these goals by sharing and exchanging ideas with my friends. I can learn many important things from them and try to respect their thoughts they come up with every time. I plan to focus more properly in all kinds subjects and attend different  challenges to be better at it.


In drama class I was a risk-taker because when I had to read my speech, I encouraged myself to go in front of everybody, without stepping back and I believed in myself that I could do it. I think I did well with this, but I also could’ve had some enthusiasm while I was reading through this entire speech. It would have gave the audience some sort of excitement or feeling. In P.E. I was also a Risk-Taker because I performed my jumprope routine to my class and showed how I have improved from the beginning of the unit to the end. I tired my best and worked especially hard to create this original jumprope routine. After all, I think I didn’t have that many mistakes and I think it went pretty well. This is where you can find my jump rope routine video: Jump Rope Routine

Unknown    images


In French class, I was knowledgable becuase I used accurate and formal use of words for my presentation about my likes and dislikes. I had to be able to understand those words properly so that I can expand my knowledge towards French. I practiced my presentation many times at my house to have everything ready. In art class, I was also knowledgable when I made my self-portrait. I gathered fully enough information and worked the most on the skills and the techniques. For example, like the gradation, highlights, shapes and expression. The picture didn’t go so well, but I think I’m satisfied with the effort I made.

images-2  Unknown-2

Here’s my presentation for French class and the self-portraits by 6B (including mine): Mes Préférances and 6B Self- Portrait


In math class, I’m caring because I help others when they have a problem with solving the questions on their textbook. I explain neatly as possible on the methods for solving it out and don’t leave them without having to know how to solve those type of questions. I sometimes work together with my friends and teach them too. Ryu is one of them and we and try to solve questions together if we both don’t know. In P.E. I was also caring because I helped others when they got hurt or injured. I first let them try to stand up and then walk with them to the nurse.

images-3  images-4


In technology class, I was reflective because I reflected back on my blog every time to see differences and compare between other students blogs. When I look at each of their blogs, I try to learn about how it makes it special for them and look at some improvements to put on my blog. I collect those ideas to add parts of it on my blog so that it makes it even more attracting and interesting for the viewers to look at. I always consider about making smaller improvements and including components to my blog. Reflecting back at things gives you a chance to find new improvements and ideas. For me, this Investigate Reflection blog post is an example of being reflective.


Balanced (something I need to improve on)

There might be lots of subjects that I need to improve, but I think being balanced is one. In koto class, I could’ve probably been way more balanced because I didn’t practice so much with the piece, “Yamazato no Haru” at my house and do this continuously so that I could’ve kept on schedule. If I had practiced this piece often, I could’ve stayed together with the others and make lots of progress throughout this whole semester. I had just started to play the koto last year and it was a big challenge for me at the start, but to be able to play the koto naturally for me, I need to be able to focus on practicing every week.

images-6   images-5

If you want to watch me play a piece with the koto, look at the link below. This isn’t “Yamazato no Haru”, but it’s a piece called “Hana Ikada”. The piece was performed at the koto concert on December last year at Minatomirai. The video is a practice of the piece at the beginning of the semester so I couldn’t play exactly that well. Here it is: Hana Ikada Koto Piece

Ok, so that’s it for this page and I hope all of you felt the same way as me during this whole semester. For me, it was a great semester and I had lots of fun in all the subjects I participated. Thanks for viewing!!! 😀

Goals Reflection:

Last semester, I was supposed to write down three goals for this semster. These goals were the aim for this year and I had to accomplish these to realize how much I have improved things from the beginning to the end of this year.

1. I think I have payed good attention during classes for the whole semester. This helped me work more effectively during classes and I could learn lots of new things. For example, I have grwon and extended my knowledge for koto class. I practiced and practiced many times and I eventually got to learn different types of skills. I could play all my required pieces  in no time after I worked hard on tried improving on my skills.

2. I think I also did well on concentrating with the work I do. I have been able to listen to what the teachers tell us to do and follow their directions. For example for math, I concentrated on finishing my textbook work so that I could go to the next step and get prepared for my assessment.

3. I think I had confidence in all subjects too because I was being confident in what I do. I was really not being lazy to do my work and I enjoyed working on projects for my classes. For French class, another example, I had to work on a skit about our topic on school supplies. I kind of made a mistake in saying my line too fast but it wasn’t that bad at all. My line was actually pretty easy. The blog post with the video of the skit you can find here.

Throughout this semester, I was communicating with lots of my friends towards each class and out of class. They shared me their ideas and helped me with my work. I had also accomplished many of my goals other than these I told you about and I was attending my classes all the time ( except for when I’m sick…duuuh). These goals made me grow and become a much mature person. I hope my goals will continue on in my future life.









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