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In technology class, we have been researching  about tutorials. I researched about 4 tutorials on making cupcakes. My faorite out of the four is the tutorials on how to make a cookie monster cupcake. (Below)
I learned that you should use frosting to stick something on to a cupcake.I learned (again) that you should make the monsters eyes loopy to make it look like the real monster. I also learned that it would be easier to stick holes in the marshmallows for eyes.

These are some of the things that were good in the tutorial. She talked to us what we were going to make in the beginning. This is good because then you would know what you are making.She had a clear voice so it was easy to understand. This is good because if your watching this tutorial while you’re making it wouldn’t be hard to understand.She had a really good pacing. This is good because you can catch up and actually do it.

These are some of the things that were bad about this tutorial. She talked too much in the beginning and at the end.This is bad because if you’re making it while you’re watching you might skip the talking part but skip some of the tutorial as well.  She talked too much. This is bad because when she was showing us too cut the marshmallows she was talking and it was hard for me to concentrate .She didn’t  talk to us about what was the measurement was.This is bad because you won’t know the measurements to make it.

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Tutorial

  1. I learned not to put too much food coloring in or else the color will be too dark.I learned that the frosting helps the things stick on.
    I like how the person speaks clear enough for me to hear. This is important because if you can’t hear what the person is saying you will not be able to follow the steps. I also like how the person does not block the view of the camera.
    I think the person should improve on speaking a bit slower. It is because it was a bit hard to understand.

  2. Tech HOMEWORK

    This tutorial taught me how to make cookie monster cupcakes.
    This video taught me that when you put on frosting, it can be kind of messy and it will still look good.
    Another thing that i learned was that you can also play around with frosting and decorations of cupcakes and it will still look really good.

    One of the things i thought was good was that she gave her opinion about these cupcakes which gave away some tips and tricks.
    Another thing that i thought was really good was that when she actually showed how to make the cupcakes, she had voice over so that you could hear her well.
    And the last thing that i thought was really good was that her camera quality was really good and it didn’t move a lot which was good.

    One of the things i thought was not so good was that in the beginning and in the ending she kept talking about why she made those cupcakes and for who and what they thought about the cupcakes. This was not good because people around the world looking at this tutorial do not know you and they do not want to know about a persons personal life.
    Another thing that i though wasn’t so good was that she kept saying “i wish i had done this better” or “i did this really bad” which i think might give the viewer the idea to make the cupcakes completely different than its shown in the tutorial.
    And the last thing that i thought she could improve was that she didn’t really have her “speech” planed out so that she didn’t really know what to say at times which didn’t sound good.

    PS: that video made me hungry 🙂

  3. Tech homework

    This tutorial was great it taught me how to make those cute cookie monster cupcakes i learned that you should save a bit of white frosting for putting the choc chip on the marsh mellow so that it will blend a lot easier i also learned that you want to be careful during the frosting part because it gets very sticky and messy

    I thought that she did really well making this tutorial because 1. She was very clear with her voice this made it easy for me to understand the tutorial clearly, The second thing i found good is that she made it very fast and simple although it looked like a very hard project to do
    the third thing i found good is that she gave her opinion on it and another persons opinion and this is helpful because you know that if you make them you know your not making disgustng food.

    1 thing i thought was not so great is that her intro was almost 2 minutes long because she kept on talking about it when i think its quicker to say “today im gonna teech you …. its really easy…. hope you enjoy” would have been much faster.
    the 2nd thing i didnt find so great was that at the begging she did not give directions to making the chocolate cream stuff she just said “read the directions on the box” although maybe not every super market has those packets.


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