Expeditions-Niigata Reflection

For expeditions we went to Niigata for a 3 day hiking/camping trip. We had a range of experienced people and unexperienced people which helped groups work together better. We hiked along the Shinetsu trial which crosses the mountains between Nagano and Gunma. We were spilt up in teams, the experience was unfamiliar. We had to put the groups needs ahead of our own and we needed to deiced on a choice that was best for our team without any help from the camp staff or teachers. We were connected as a group with the experience empathizing with each other. We got to know the teachers and each other better. We learned on how to work as a team since the real adventure was strengthening our relationship as a group. We learned new skills after the hike such as bouldering which was a new experience for me.

niigata-expedition-2016-6390-s pictures of our group hiking. niigata-expedition-2016-6395-s




I am now in a place where I am comfortable working with others when needed and hiking with a group not just alone. I started out unsure of my group since I hadn’t really developed a connection with most of them. I had my own pace for hiking and I was mostly ahead of my group. The process that I had gone through was we first had introduced each other and we played teamwork groups which gave us something to empathize with each other about. Then we all started talking about the hiking do’s and don’ts. Along the hike our group talked and laughed and during the hard times we supported each other. At the end of the hike we were able to empathize with each other about pain and fun times. On the second day actually hiking at the same pace was better since we were able to see each other and take in the view together.

It felt like I was taking a really big step forward in collaboration skills. It will make me a better learner and overall better person. The skill that will most likely stay with me is how to work in a group effectively. This is because we use this skill in everyday life and at school it is an essential skill to learn. My strengths, interests and passions are connecting since hiking is an interest of mine, collaborations is a skill of mine and being outdoors is one of my passions. This trip really brought them together. The experience matched my expectations since I thought I would be much more collaborative after this and I am.

niigata-expedition-2016-2-1060659-xlDinner with the group.

I don’t think I am finished with expanding my hiking skills and collaboration skills, It is something I will need to keep expanding for a long time. I would do it again since it was such a good learning experience and I really liked how it changed my view point on things. I know now that when working with a group you can’t just think of yourself, you have to put everyones needs ahead of yours.niigata-expedition-2016-6234-xl

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