Wilderness Engagement – PADI Open Water Diving in Okinawa

For school expeditions, we were given the opportunity to earn our PADI certification for diving. We dived in Ishigaki, Okinawa a small tropical island off the coast of the main island in Okinawa. I experienced and saw many beautiful sites while diving. We dived in a beautiful coral reef and were taught different things about the local environment.

This experience has changed my thinking about the environment¬†greatly. I am from three of the biggest cities in the world¬†(Sydney, Tokyo and Bangkok) which meant I was never exposed to a lot of nature. However, going to Ishigaki I began to understand how different my idea of the environment was. I took nature for granted, mainly because I had never been in a more natural environment, however going to Ishigaki showed me how important it is and how dangerous it is to take it for granted. I never took the opportunity to surround myself with nature mainly because I didn’t see the importance of it, however now with my diving certificate I hope to go diving more often and take the opportunity to do so because the environment is at stake right now due to global warming and deforestation so I never know when its too late.

Additionally, with my diver certification, I will want to join different service groups. One in particular that helps clean litter in the ocean while diving.


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