As for the overall success of the product, I feel as though it didn’t achieve my goal which was to help show how healthy diets can be beneficial to students. I didn’t achieve my goal because of what kind of product I made my communication about the product. On the exhibition night, I was quite surprised with the positive comments I received because as I learned in Design and Art, when creating a product it is much easier to be critical than to be complementary, see appendix x. However from the approval from the parents and the students I feel as though my product could make a difference within students, see appendix x. I had to come up with techniques to receive feedback from different students, so I used a technique that we use in Art an it was to use post its and encourage others. My research played an important role especially since my product relies on research. The research as seen in appendix i and ii helped keeping the cookbook healthy and played an important role in my success criteria, see appendix iii. My social skills also helped my product. By listening to others during my interview with Zest, see appendices i, helped me create my product and learn these skills.

Overall I think my product was not a success. Especially when I consider the goal to show how healthy diets can be beneficial to students, which was not achieved. This is because while the cookbook did receive positive feedback, the effect it had on students wasn’t what I hoped it would be. They seemed to not care about the actual product and it didn’t provide enough impact on them to change their habits for the better.

My knowledge on this expanded a lot more than what I expected. At first I only thought that I would forget all the knowledge that I learned however even now an in the future I can still easily apply the knowledge that I didn’t know before. This process has also extend my knowledge on my global context, identities and relationships. Before this process I was unsure of how the global context was relevant to my learning an my personal project. However through meetings and discussions with my mentors I learned that my global context is a guiding rail for my goal and product, and eventually creates a purpose for my learning. The newfound knowledge has lead me to understand that a global context provides meaning and acts to help guide your knowledge, so understanding what the goal for each unit will help me understand how important it is.

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