Unit 4 Reflection

I feel that during this unit I improve a lot as a Spanish learner. I improved my vocabulary and grammar immensely. 3 new understandings of Spanish that I developed over this semester are that conjugation has patterns, conjugation connects to each other and that vocabulary can be picked up from any where. What went the […]

Unit 3 Reflection|Spanish

In this unit, I learned a lot. I learned how to use more indirect object pronouns with ease, I also learned to put expressions more in my writing. I also learned about preterite, future tense and conditional. I think there are many things that went well in my learning this unit. I think I improved […]

PTS Conference Questions

This semester in Spanish we had two units. One unit was about how to introduce each other and to say our schedule, our second unit was about how to travel and making travel plans. So far I think that my strengths is to be able to learn the vocabulary very easily and to be able […]

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