Drama Reflection

My character was made with Philippe. I tried to be serious, and to build on that I can be very controlling sometimes. So I tried working with the “bossy bean” character. I think it was harder than I expected to build and develop the character. For example with being bossy I had to shout, which […]

Comedy Timeline

Comedy is a complex and deep branch of the performing arts. Comedy dates back to the Ancient Roman and Greek times. 425 BCE Aristophanes started in this time period. He was a comedic playwright, Most of his work was inspired by the early satyr plays. He wrote 40 plays in his life time, however only […]

Drama Infomercial|Reflection

In drama as our final assessment in our public speaking unit we made a infomercial. In this infomercial we used different speaking techniques. I think I am good at making and organizing a speech. While I can make and organize it, I have some trouble with presenting it. I have trouble with keeping up with […]

Drama Speech

In drama currently we are doing a speech unit and we made a persuasive speech. I persuaded people to join soccer. I feel as if I organized it well but I talked to fast. I feel that my speech was okay it was slightly persuasive but I could still improve on things. The good things […]

Drama|Unit 1 Reflection

In this unit we learned about being and making characters. I feel or my group we really worked together well and how much we cooperated was really good. It was a bit hard for us to use stereotypes in our skit. Our characters were really different so I feel as if that gave it a […]

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