Expanding my comfort zone at Field Studies

This year a little while before the break 8th grade went to field studies at Canyons in Minkami. At Canyons we experienced and thought about expanding our comfort zone. Some of the activities we did that I really enjoyed and learned from were the Shared-rooms, Canyoning and Rafting. For room sharing I was in a […]

7th Grade Summarization

House of Legos I guess we learned a lot. You could put it that way With all the giggles and laughter You couldn’t tell if we were learning. Through all the cries and pleas we learned. Lessons we shared, I guess were all making our own houses Ones with lessons Those lego bricks are our […]

Digital Citizenship week

We stare at computers all day They became a part of us We do our homework on there We plan our life’s on there Digitally we create our own world We are in the web But we can’t pave they way forward with out going to the side So we have Digital Citizenship week To […]


In tutor we  got a schedule that had a detailed time this is my schedule.   I think others will be surprised because I have not a lot of free time and I have a pretty tight schedule and i think my brother would be surprised the most because he doesn’t have a tight  schedule. […]

Janus Goal Making.

Hey guys! Recently we made goals for the new year a.k.a semester.  We did this in tutor lass along with a little lesson about Janus. Janus is a greek gods. Janus isn’t one of the twelve of the main gods but still O.K famous. Janus is the god of doorways. Thats sort of why janitors […]

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