Well its ME!!!!

Hey guys! Welcome to the faraway page of All About Hana!! I hope you guys are celebrating this cause this is going to be “THE” page of this blog. So I bet you literally have NO idea of who I am. Really? For the people who don’t know who I am this super page is going to save you.(JK*) So lets start with what I like to do.I really like nature and camping. I have a really BIG addiction to Harry Potter….. yea its really bad or good I don’t know? I am really shy around people. As I said I really like camping and nature but I also really like the beach and just playing there. I love watching sunsets.

Lose the City Lights
(The source of the picture)I want to be a journalist or something that involves writing and camping. I want to be that because my passion is camping and I also like to write A LOT. What I hate are annoying boys and people who are just plain mean about things.  Though I really like listening to music. My favorite  band is Pentatonix(they are only vocal.My Favorite colour is light. My favorite web site is Youtube(isn’t everyones?) still totally your opinion. My favorite video on youtube is(look below)

Another favorite video of mine is wizard of ahhs by Pentatonix (most favorite band of all time;D) My favorite app is …… SKYPE!(Its so AWESOME)

These are some of my favorite friends blogs. First Amelia’s blog. Hope you subscribe to her blog. I came to YIS(my school) when I was around 6. I had made a lot of friends since then. My favorite stuff are as listed below

    • Christmas
    • light green
    • cute dogs
    • pentatonix ;D
    • Harry Potter!!!

So this is all for this page hope you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe BY∑

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