Showcase Portfolio 7th Grade

In school we have been preparing for the student led conference. We have chosen 4 good ATL (approaches to learning) skills and one bad skill we need to improve on. We have chosen some assignments to represent each skill. I have chosen collaboration, creative thinking, communication, organisation and reflection. Here is my brain storm


Collaboration (good)
In Drama I showed collaboration when making my silent film with my group. We had a unit about mime and we learned how to mime. We worked together to get the shots and act and show emotion.

In P.E we had a dance unit and we partnered up with some one and we learned the Just dance version of Dark Horse by Katy Perry. We learned the dance routine perfectly  and had a creative minute which we choreograph out own dance routine.

In humanities I showed collaboration in the empires unit when we had to do a presentation on a relationship of a former empire and a country that it took over. Me and my partner made roles and we made a successful presentation. Our countries were Spain and Cuba.


In science we did a unit about the digestive system and healthy living. One of the projects was that you had to make a healthier version of a unhealthy meal. We had to communicate why it was healthy, what we used and whats in it. I feel I communicated better because I used short concise sentences that are easy to understand. Also the format is more easier to understand.

In English we learned about the apartheid, injustice and colonialism. We read Journey to Jo’bourg. We wrote a Feature Article about aparthied, Soweto uprising or colonialism in South Africa. I chose to write about colonialism in South Africa.  I focused on three types of questions factual, conceptual and debatable.

In math we had a piece of paper test. I used short concise explanations that people could understand.



In design we had to design a character to replace a bad character. The Criteria B is Developing Ideas.


In Spanish we made a E-Book about our family mi familia.

Mi Familia (2)

In English we made a reflection about the unit on Apartheid.
Journey through Injustice 

Creative Thinking

In Japanese we read a book called “Curry rice” カーレライス. We had to make a Interpretation of it. I rewrote 2 chapters in the dad’s point of view.



Art FullSizeRender

In art we had to draw a ink pen drawing about something realistic or ideal. I chose to draw something realistic. This demonstrates creative thinking because I use different drawing skills to create a artwork.








In music we had to make our own blues improvisation. I chose 4 riffs that I would use in the improvisation.  I would play the riff for 2 measures and improvise, then I would play the next riff and improve and so on. I played my solo over a blues backing track


In tutor we had to make a reflection about the year and how we grew. I should of used more detail and go into more depth about what we did. This was in our report cards.

These are my goals

  1. Stop procrastinating
  2. Improve my soccer skills
  3. Try harder in Math

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