Author Visit (Adam Gidwitz)

We had a Author Visit from Adam Gidwitz. He is a Author from  3 books, “A Tale Dark And Grimm”, “A Glass Grimmly” and his new book “The Grimm Conclusion”. He came all the way from New York US. He tolled us a story called  “The Juniper Tree”, it was a story from the new book “The Grimm Conclusion”. I liked the way he was telling the story “Juniper Tree”, because, when he was telling the story, he was doing sound effects. For example when the little bird sang. At the end of the day, we did a activity of making our own story. We got a piece of paper that said “My Story” on the top. And for about 1 hour, we made our own story. With a Hero, Problem, Adventure, Biggest Problem, All lost, Climax and Happy Ever After.

After we spent some time working with Mr. Gidwitz to plan our story, I learned that we shouldn’t choose the Title when you first start your story. Because, we still don’t know what kind of story it is going to be, so we shouldn’t choose the Title first. Second thing we learned from Mr. Gidwitz is that we shouldn’t choose a Adult to be the hero. He said that “We should choose a hero that everyone likes. Like Kids and Animals.

It was a really fun Author visit!