First Day at Field Studies (Monday)

For our first day in Middle School Field Studies we went to Hakuba, in Nagano!  The bus ride was about 5 hours and 30minutes. When we arrived at the Aokiko Camp, the Evergreen Staff greeted us.

    After we  made our tents, we were divided in to several groups. I was in the group that learned how to walk with a compass.

  First we learned North, South, West and East. Next we started to learn 360 degrees-90 degrees. Then we started to hike up a big hill. We had to searched for poster’s that say what degrees you have to walk to, and some question’s or  riddle’s.  We walked threw tall weeds that was almost 1m high!  After we hiked about 1 hour, we got back to the camp site.

Next we had to do 3 activities, and that took us like 20minutes.

    Then we had dinner! For dinner we had Pasta with tomato sauce, and it was good.

After that, we had the camp fire!!!! We tolled lots of scary stories (some were really scary), and we had some hot chocolate with marsh mallows. After we had the camp fire, we brushed our teeth and went to our tent and went to bed. (My sleeping bag was broken, so it was so cold!)


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