Investigate Reflection

 In the last past 6 weeks, we have been learning about Word Press and making a good blog. In the first week we have been making a brain storm of “How to make a good blog”.  We first did a blog research by looking at other people’s blog and finding some things they did to make their blog interesting, standing out and organized.  Then we made the brain storm from the research we did. After that Ms. Cofino (Our Technology Teacher) looked at our blog research and gave us some advantages and disadvantages. We made the shapes and colors easy to read and interesting.

My blog will represent me by my passion because, I will make daily posts that relates to my passion. For example, I can make a post about what I did and relates to my passion. I will also make posts about my learning at YIS.

For making a good blog I will use the techniques I have learned in technology class, and what I learned when  I was looking at other people’s blogs. Like making the text easy to read, by choosing dark color’s for the text, and light color’s for the background. For example use black for the text and making the back ground color light blue.

The 3 most important criteria’s for me is

1. Balanced

2. Pictures

3. Attractive Colors

Being “Balanced” is important for me because, if you had too much text and no pictures, that will be boring for the readers who see read’s your blog. So you should make the text and pictures equal, to not make the reader’s bored.

“Pictures” are important for me because, if you didn’t have high quality pictures,  people who see your blog maybe won’t know what the picture is. So you should have high quality pictures , if you are going to put them on your blog.

“Attractive Colors” is important for me because,  if you had black for the text, and black for the back ground too, it will be really hard to read the text. So I said as before you should make the text simple like black and make the back ground light blue.


I will try to make my blog meet these 3 criteria’s, and I will try to make my blog good as possible!

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading your posts about your passion, Vienna! I’m wondering about a how you plan to make sure you will meet the criteria you think are most important to you.

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