Second Day At Field Studies (Tuesday)

First when we woke up we ate  Break fast, then we had to start packing our bags and tents. The bag packing went good, but it took us a while to clean up the tent.After we cleaned up our tent we started  our first activity Canoeing! We had to choose 3 or 2 people to do canoeing with, so I chose Hana and Wonkyung.

This was my first time Canoeing, so I was a little nervous when I first got on the Canoe. But I got used to the Canoe so it was really fun. We went Canoeing to the opposite side of the Aokiko Lake. When we got there we played a little game and swam in the lake. I didn’t go in the water that much because, I didn’t really want to get wet. So I only got in the water until my ankles.

When we were going back we almost fell in the water. That time I was a little scared. But after all  Canoeing was really fun! This time I was a Risk Takerbecause I was first scared but I was brave enough to get in the Canoe and go Canoeing.

After that we got back and changed our clothes, then we ate lunch. For lunch we had burrito’s. After we ate our lunch we got on a bus and went to do Rock Climbing. I don’t really like heights so I didn’t really enjoy the Rock Climbing. I enjoyed the Canoeing then the Rock Climbing.

After we had finished Rock Climbing, we got to go to our hotel! Our hotel was called “Yama-no Hotel”. In Japanese, that means  Mountain Hotel. The Hotel was really nice. I especially liked our rooms and the food. Our rooms were really big, we had a first floor and a second floor. In the first floor, it was  a we had The bathroom (With an small shower room), 2 beds, a T.V, Night table, Desk, 2 chairs and a window. In the Second floor, it was a tatami room and we had 4 futons, a Japanese table with 3 Japanese chairs. I was really tired, but it was real fun!

That night, we went hot air ballooning!

 It was a little scary, but it was fun!

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