Third Day At Field Studies (Wednesday)

  On Wednesday, we did Mountain Biking and River Cleaning! Our first activity of our day was River Cleaning. We walked about 2 km to Lawson and bought some snacks, then we started walking to the River we are going to clean up. We picked up lots of rubbish when we were walking. 

After we did the River Cleaning, we ate lunch and we started our next activity, Mountain Biking!!! I was first nervous because, I never got on a Mountain Bike before. But after we started practicing, I got used to the Mountain Bike. I almost fell of my bike! (That was really scary!)

When I was riding my Mountain Bike, Rei fell down off his Bike and got scraped near his ankle. So I helped him stand and walked with him where the Evergreen Staff were. That time I was Caring, by helping him. Mountain Biking was really fun!

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