Improv Tournament

For this few Months, we have been doing a unit of “Offer and Accept”, and we got in groups and did a Tournament which is called “Improv Tournament”. We did 3 games. “Die Story Die”, “Expert Double Figures” and “Statues”.

“Die Story Die” is where their is one person who is the Conductor then their are 3-5 people who tells the story. This was not really my favorite game.

“Expert Double Figures” is a game where you have 2 people who is talking and 2 people who are doing the hands. This was my favorite activity!

“Statues” is where you have about 8-10 people in total. In this game, if you have 10 people, five of the each people will make one person in to statue. Then people will have to make a story with the “Statue” you are set by.

And this is my favorite video!

from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

If I was to grade myself, I will give myself a 5 in Knowledge and Understanding (Criteria A), and in Application (Criteria B), I will give myself a  6. In Reflection (Criteria C) I will give myself a 4, and I will give myself a 5 in Artistic Awareness and Personal Engagement (Criteria D).

I used offer and accept by making the right Hand movement when another Character offered me. But this time in “Expert Double Figures” I was a person who was doing the hand movement so I didn’t really offer. But I did accept and made a story with my Hand Movement.

I would improve my performance by trying not to show my head, and try to hide my head behind my partner I am working with, and I think that is the same with everyone else in my group. Because, everybody could see our heads popping out from behind our partners.

I would use the skill “Hand Movement” for good explanation in a performance.



Plan Reflection

In Technology Class, we have been drawing 3 Blog Design’s. A Blog Design is where you draw a blog that your blog will want it to look like it at the end of the year.

Then after that you had to choose one favorite blog design from one of the Blog Design’s you made. I chose the one with some fruits drawn to it. And we chose a theme that is the closest enough to the Blog Design. I chose the theme “Oxygen” because, I thought it was the closest theme to my favorite Blog Design. I like this theme because it is a really simple theme.

I think this blog represents me because I like light colors and  not too funky/fancy or to too simple with black and white, and I like the light colors in the background!

I think I will want to learn how to make my posts more and more detailed. I will plan to learn these skills by reading lots of peoples blogs, and see what kind of words they used to explain better.