January Goal Setting! 2014

Hello Everyone! This post will explain to you about “Janus” and my January Goal Setting. So “Janus” is a Roman God that is the god of beginnings and transitions. This means that he looks back at the past and looks to the future (I think…).

Coin of Janus

(Picture From)

So next is my January Goal Settings. My first goal for 2014 is to get better at Swimming. I have been doing Swimming for about Four Years, and now I am on the Back Stroke with a Turn. So I want to succeed on the Test for the Back Stroke Turn. I will want to be achieving this goal by June 2014.

My 2nd Goal is to get better at Cooking. This goal is important for me because, I want to get to make a Dinner for my Family. I want to get better at Cooking because, now I only can cook/make easy food, such as “Sand Which” and “Onigiri. I will be wanting to achieving this goal by September 2014.

My last goal is to get more faster at Running. This goal is important for me because, I was 1st at the 2012 Cross Country but in the 2013 Cross Country I was 5th. This goal is important for me because, I wan to go to the Tokyo Cross Country. To achieve this goal, I will have to practice hard and to Run a lot. I will want to achieve this goal by November 2014.

My Favorite Tutorial!

Last week for Technology Homework, we had to finish our Tutorial Research, and this is one of my Favorite Video I used in my Tutorial Research.


Their are few things I like about this Video. She put the finished product before we started drawing. This is really helpful because, you will know what you will be drawing. The place where she set the Camera was great because, it was really easy to see what she was drawing. If she had set the Camera from a lower point, it would be hard to see what she is drawing.

These are some things I think the Creator could improve on. She could’ve used a Camera that was High quality because, it was a little hard to see what she was drawing, and to see the Little lines. She was fast forwarding some places in the Video. This was not that helpful because, it was hard to keep up to her. She could’ve used a darker Pencil because, at first, it was really hard to see the little lines.


Gaming in Minecraft! -Humanities

Lately in Humanities Class, we have been doing a project on Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox indie game originally created by a Swedish Programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. If you want to know more about it, just click this link! Minecraft (Wikipedia) Minecraft (Official Site).

Define the biome and its climate. What makes it different from other biomes?

Cold Taiga is basically, a place where it is Cold, Snowy and has lots of trees. For example,  their might be some “Pine Trees” or “Fir”. (Link Here)

Pine Tree in the Cold Taiga!

Describe the biome’s plant and animal life. How have the plants and animals adapted to fit the biome? 

In Cold Taiga, there are mostly Wolves, Bears, Deer, Bobcat, Fox and Rabbit. Wolves have adapted to that habitat because, they have lot of fur which makes them really warm. Bears, Deers and Rabbits are the same too. Because, they have Thick and Warm Fur. If they didn’t have the warm fur, I don’t think they could survive. (Link Here)

Biome Map

List some good examples of places where this biome is found on the Earth.

  • Some Countries near North Pole.
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Alaska (U.S.A)
  • Some Part of Europe (Finland, Norway, Sweden etc..)

Describe – What real buildings are good examples of traditional life in this biome? Who built them and when? (add some pictures and sources if possible)

This house is a good example because, it has a Roof where the Snow can fall down on the floor easily. (Link Here) The Snow can fall off easily because, the Roof is shaped like a upside down “V”.

I think that if people who lives there didn’t have these kind of Roofs on the Houses, they would have not adapted to that habitat. I think it will be easy to collect the materials for making the house. Because, their are lots of trees in this Biome like the picture. But maybe it will be hard to build it.

House in Cold Taiga Biome!

Explain – what features of the building show that the people adapted to live in that particular biome?

Minecraft Picture!

I think that the material of the house is easy to find, and it is safe. I think that I did a pretty good job at making the house and I think my house looks similar to the Houses in the Cold Taiga Biome. This Project was really fun and I really liked it!Picture of Minecraft!

Tomorrow is School….

Dear Readers, tomorrow (January 6th) Our School starts….. I don’t really feel like going to school… I just want to stay Home and Relax. I think most of the people don’t want to go to

school after the Winter Brake… (Picture From)

  Oh, and Happy New Year! Sorry I forgot to write a Post about that…. Oh well. At the 1st of Day of 2014, I was so tired that I slept in. After I woke up I started reading a Book. (Keep in Mind that I will not stop for a while when I start reading a book!)

I stopped reading after about 1 hour has passed.

Then I started watching the T.V.

Next, I when to my Dogs Walk.

Then I ate Lunch.

Then Read more Books.

Then I started cleaning my Room.

Then started watching T.V again.

When I realized it was the time to eat Dinner.

So thats how my first Day of 2014. Yah, some people might think “Well that person is Lazy! Why would you do those boring stuff at the first day of the Year?!” Well it wasn’t that boring for me. Because, I finished Two books that day, which I got for Christmas. So Thank you for reading my 90% Boring, 10% Fun Post! I hope you had a fun “First Day Of The Year!” And sorry that I couldn’t write a lots of Posts! ( I was Busy at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! 🙂 )

Last Day in Osaka!!

Hello Everyone! So this will be my Last Day in Osaka…. It was Very Very Fun! So today I woked up at 9:00AM. (I was very Tired) Then I had to pack my stuff in to my Day Pack. After I finished packing, I helped my mom pack some Souvenirs in to the Suit Case. Then we checked out the Hotel at 11:00AM. Then we went to our Aunts House. We stayed there for about 3 Hours. Then we got on the “Shinkan-Sen”, (Bullet Train). We were on that for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sorry, everyone I forgot to take pictures so I don’t have a picture in my post. Sorry. But Osaka and Kyoto were very Fun!