My Favorite Tutorial!

Last week for Technology Homework, we had to finish our Tutorial Research, and this is one of my Favorite Video I used in my Tutorial Research.


Their are few things I like about this Video. She put the finished product before we started drawing. This is really helpful because, you will know what you will be drawing. The place where she set the Camera was great because, it was really easy to see what she was drawing. If she had set the Camera from a lower point, it would be hard to see what she is drawing.

These are some things I think the Creator could improve on. She could’ve used a Camera that was High quality because, it was a little hard to see what she was drawing, and to see the Little lines. She was fast forwarding some places in the Video. This was not that helpful because, it was hard to keep up to her. She could’ve used a darker Pencil because, at first, it was really hard to see the little lines.


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Tutorial!

  1. I learned from this video if you draw you first make a light under line then start to draw.
    I think she did a good job by talking while she draw’s it. It was good because it was easy to understand.
    I think she could improve by getting a high quality camera. this wasn’t helpful because it was hard to see it clear.

  2. I actually thought that tutorial was very good because who ever it was who was speaking had edited her video good. Her drawings were awesome and I think they are really good .

    I think this person can improve a little bit more with the editing as will because the person had cut too much and forgot to put her feet part… but I think it was really good.

  3. Hi Vienna!
    I really your blog!
    In your tutorial I learned how to draw a owl
    I thought that this tutorial was really simple and really cool.
    I think that the video was a little to long.I think she should have shortend the time to 5 mins.Most people would get bored and leave and go to a differnet tutorial.

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