What makes a Great Teacher?

Latley in Technology Class, we have been investigating on what makes a great tutorial. And so now, we are learning what makes a great Teacher.

I think great teachers explain the steps really well to their students. So even a kindergardener can understand too. And if the teacher dose not explain enough or well to the students, the students will not get what they have to do and they will only get bad grades. But when a great teacher explains very well to a student the student will not get off of task and will get good grades for following the rules.

I think great teachers had great teachers when they were small too. Because, if you didn’t have a great teacher when you were small, and be a teacher when you grow up, most people will do the same thing they were taught to when they were small by their teachers.

Area of Interaction

I think this unit fits the best in to Approaches to Learning. Because, students learn from teachers. But teachers learn from students too. And who teaches us everything? Its  the Teachers, that teaches us the rules and steps.

In this investigation, I learned that it is important to learn from a great teacher!

Compare and Contrast

In the last few weeks in Technology Class,  we made a Practice Tutorial, and looked at other peoples tutorials in Youtube.

I think my Practice Tutorial and the Tutorial I shared on My Blog ⟵ (this is the link to “My Favorite Tutorial!” Post) has a big difference because, the Tutorial I shared on my blog is the one that the Creator speaks to the Camera. But my Practice Tutorial is a Google Presentation.

The 2nd big Difference is that the Tutorial I shared on my Blog is not made in a Slide like Google Presentation, it is made by just drawing on paper and Recording that on the Camera. But my Practice tutorial as I said before is made on Google Presentation and on Slides, like a normal Presentation.

We had to comment on other peoples blogs to say what you learned in watching the Tutorial that was posted on the Blog. I commented on Sae’s Blog, Sayo’s Blog and Hana’s Blog. By looking and commenting on their blogs I have learned that it is important to Compare lots of Tutorials.

During the Investigate I learned that looking at lots of Tutorial is good because, you can Compare a good tutorial and a bad tutorial and learn new things. For example, I learned that the Creator should say Tips to do something. If their are tips it will be easier to understand what you are doing. I think I will use this to make a great tutorial because, as I said earlier it will be easier to understand for the people who is watching the tutorial.