Tutorial Plan Reflection

Lately in Technology Class, we have started the Project “Teachers of the Future”.  In this Project, we are Making and Watching Tutorials. Before you are making your Tutorial you have to pick a Topic, and I picked Drawing  a Cute Dog.

This is my Storyboard↓



And we made a Timeline Plan too↓

This time plan is a list of what we have to do, and you have to put in the Order, Task , Deadline and some Details.


I think my Story board meets these Criteria’s.

  •  Finished Product
  • Materials
  • Step-by-Step

First I think I met the Criteria “Finished Product”. Because, I showed the Finished Product (My Drawing of the Dog) at the Beginning and at the End. Finished Product is something you have Finished  making or doing it. It is important to put the Finished Product because, if you don’t the Person who is watching the Video would not know what they are going to make or do in the Video. So I put the Finished Product before starting the steps and at the last part before the Video ended.

Second I thought that I met the Criteria “Materials”. Because, I presented the List of Materials at the Beginning of the Video (Before I explained the Steps). It is important to have the Materials presented at the Beginning of the Video because, if you don’t present the Materials at the Beginning of the Video, the people who are watching the Video would not know what he/she needs to prepare to make/do.

Last I thought that I met the Criteria “Step-by-Step”. Because, I put in all the Steps you need to do to draw a Dog, and I explained the Steps you need to do in the fill out Space that you need to Fill out. It is important to make your Video Step-by-Step because, if you don’t put the steps in the right order, the person who is Watching the Video will be Confused and not know what to do next.

I think my Tutorial is a good one because, I have my Steps in order so the Viewer will not get confused what to do next. And I think the Viewer will learn what I am trying to teach because, I have the Finished Product before I start explaining the Steps and I have the Materials presented before I start explaining the Steps and at last, I have the Steps in order so the Viewer will not get confused and do the Right Steps.

I think I need to learn how to always stay on the same pace to create my Tutorial (It’s not really learn how to always stay on the same pace. I just need to Practice!). Because if I sometimes speak on a Fast pace and suddenly Start Speaking in a Slow pace, the Viewer will get confused and maybe will not be able to understand the words when I am speaking in a Fast pace.

So I will try to make a great Tutorial of “How to Draw a Cute Dog”. By showing the Finished Product at the End and the Beginning, and showing the Materials the Viewer needs to prepare before watching the Steps. And to make sure I have the right order of the Steps in the Video!


How and Why do we tell “Myths”?

In English class, we are doing a Project on “Myths”. Also known as “Mythology“. Myths are Story that people told to each other in Ancient Times.

They told Myths to each other to learn lessons and to learn how the Earth was made etc.. For Example, “The Golden Touch“, “Viking Sagas” and “The Weaver”. In the Myth “The Golden Touch” the Lesson is to not be Greedy. This is the Story of King “Midas” that wants more gold and “Bacchus” the Merry God of Vine.

So King Midas tells Bacchus that he wants power of “The Golden Touch”. (The power of the Golden Touch means that if he touches anything for example an apple, that apple will turn in to a golden apple. But you can’t eat it!) So Bacchus gives King Midas the power of the Golden Touch. And the King gets so happy and touches everything he sees. But when it was time to eat, and when he touched his food, it turned in to gold!

And Remember. You can not eat GOLD!

So he goes to Bacchus and says he does not want his Golden Touch Power any more. Bacchus said that if he goes to River “Pactolus” and wash his hands, his power will go away. Midas did, and that is the start of gold in Rivers. (Maybe…?)

And this is my 4-slide Myth presentation. In this project we had to choose a Myth and draw the Myth. So I chose a Japanese Myth, “Urashima Taro”. This is my Presentation!

My Art Portrait!


Lately in Art Class, we have been doing painting. And this is the Portrait I am going to Paint Next Week! (This is the Sketch)

Photo on 3-13-14 at 2.25 PM

The Subject of my Composition is my mom.

I chose this Person because,  my Mom’s favourites and my favourites are almost the same. For example, she likes animals and I like animals too.

Next I will paint it with anagolic colors of Purple which are Blue and Pink. These are her favourite Colors!

My Practice Passion Speech- Pets in Shelters

Lately in Drama Class, we have been doing a project on Speeches. So me and our class made a practice speech.


My Best Skill in this Video was that I didn’t fidget while I was talking. Because, if I fidgeted to the audience it would look like I didn’t want to do this speech and it looks like I am not focusing.

I should improve on remembering the Numbers I said. Because, if I did not remember the Numbers, it will not be a good impact of me to the audience if I did a speech in front of lots of audience.

And this is one of my friends that appealed to me.


She did a Passion Speech on “Hamsters”. This is her BLOG POST!

I think her best skill was that she explained well why she thinks that is true. For example, when she said “When looking for the Hamster in the Cage is Fun too” and After that she said “Because, it sometimes Hides in.” So it is good to explain why you think so.

I think she could improve on not saying filling out words. For example, “Umm..”. Because, if she says the filling out words all the time in her speech the it will give the audience a bad impact that she could not remember her speech.