My Artist Statement

Lately in Art Class, we have been Working on a Project “Express Yourself – Portrait Painting”. In this Project we have picked a person and Painted that person. This Painting was not a Realistic Painting so you did not have to paint that person Realistically.

My Painting!

The Title of my artwork is “Nature”. It is called “Nature” because, as you can see their are lots of Animals and Nature. I have painted my Mom. The back ground is my Grandpa and Grandma’s place in America, California. I painted this back ground because, we go there every Summer and my Mom loves that place. I think she loves that place because, it is in Nature and because there are lots of Animals. Which my Family loves.

Before starting to Paint, we drew some Thumb Nail Sketches for planning the Sketch. For the Thumb Nail Sketch, I drew 4 Thumb Nail Sketches. After we have picked a Sketch from the Thumb Nail Sketch we started  Drawing the Sketch on Paper. After we have Sketched all the Detail on to the Paper, we started painting. It took us a while to finish painting our painting. So I went a few times to the Open Studio which our Art Teacher “Mr. Reed” opens every Morning before School starts in his Art Room. The most hardest part in this Project was when I was painting. It was hard because, in my painting their was lots of details, so I had to use a really tiny Brush and paint the small bits.

In this Painting, I think my Strengths were the Gradation in the Sky. I thought my Strengths were the Gradation because, I tried my best on brush work. Especially near the Mountains. I think my Weakness in this painting was that I made the colour of the Grass and the Mountain were almost the same, and that the brush work on the Grass is not really good.

In this painting I tried to express the feelings that my Mom likes Animals and Nature. By painting lots of animals that lived there and some Trees and Mountains. If you look at my moms face, you can see that she is smiling. By the smiling face, I am trying to express that she loves that place and she is happy to be there.

If I were to do this painting again, I would try to come more to the open studio and try to change the Colour of the Grass and Mountains and maybe try to mix all kinds of Green and lastly, to try to do better on Brush Work.


Tutorial Reflection

Recently in Technology Class, we have been watching tutorials, and finally we have made our own tutorial!

This is my Tutorial. It will show you how to draw a Cute Dog Fast and Easily.

For Homework, we had to Comment on 3 peoples blogs. So I commented on Kiyoka, Elena and Julynn ‘s Blogs.


Before we started making or planning the Tutorial, we have made a Tutorial Class Criteria.

First I think I met the Criteria “Finished Product”. I think I met this Criteria because, I showed the Finished Product at the Beginning of the Video and the at the End of the Video. I think it is important to have this Criteria because, if you don’t show the Finished Product at the Beginning, the Audience will not know what they are going to make.

The next Criteria I think I met is Subtitles. I think I met the Criteria Subtitles because, I showed Subtitles in the Tutorial when I was drawing the Dog. I think this Criteria is important because, if you don’t have an headphone and you are in a Library, you will have to listen to the Tutorial with no Sound. If there is no Sub Titles, in the Tutorial you will not be able to understand whats the Next Step and what you are supposed to do. And if the Audience can’t hear or if they have bad Ears, it will be really helpful to have Subtitles in your Tutorial so they can understand the Steps.

The last Criteria I think I met is Materials. I think I met this Criteria because, I showed the materials the Audience needs to complete the Tutorial. If I did not have the list of Materials you need to complete the Tutorial, the Audience would have to find it out their selfs, and would not know what you need and get confused.


Now I will talk about the Tutorials that extended my thinking in New ways. The Tutorials that I commented on is also the Tutorials that extended my thinking.

First I will talk about Kiyoka‘s Tutorial. Kiyoka’s Tutorial was about How to make a Tye-Die iPhone Case. By looking at her tutorial, I learned that you do not have to have lots of things like Cooking. Because in Cooking, you have to have lots and lots of Ingredients. But in this Tutorial, you just need few colors of Paint, a Plastic Bag and a Clear iPhone Case. Compared to cooking, I think that you don’t need that much stuff.

Next I will talk about Elena‘s Tutorial. Elena’s Tutorial was about How to make a DIY Glitter iPhone Charger. By watching her Tutorial, I learned that if you don’t want the Glitter to come off when rubbing the Charger, you should put the Mod Podge on the Charger again on top of the Glitter. I think this tip is helpful for the Audience because, if you didn’t know that tip and rubbed the charger, the Glitter will come off, and I think most people would not want that to happen on your charger.

Lastly I will talk about Julynn ‘s Tutorial. Julynn’s Tutorial was about How to make Cupcakes. By watching  her Tutorial, I learned that you do not have to put the Batter in the Paper Pan. Because, she said that you can put it in a Mug Cup too. I think this is a helpful tip for the Audience because, if you don’t have a Paper Pan in your house, you can use a Mug Cup in your house.


I think I need to learn how to get better at the Introduction. Because in the Tutorial Video, I forgot to say “Hello, Everyone”, and just started talking. So if I was going to make another Tutorial or a Video, I will try not to forget to do the Introduction.

The last thing I need to get better at is the Criteria Tips. Because, in the Tutorial, I didn’t say any tips for the Audience. So I think I should say some tips. I think I should say some Tips because, it will be helpful for the Audience, and it will be easier to understand what the Directions/Steps are.

I will try to do better on the things I need to improve and hopefully, I will improve and make another Tutorial on my own!

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