Tout pour la rentrée

This will be my Answer Post from my French Online textbook Questions.

Activity 1

They are Mother and Daughter. We know because Mme Pelletier and Julie went shopping together. They were in the Shop. They were Shopping for School Goods, in the Store. She need it for Math. That the Backpack Julie wanted to have was more expensive then the other Red Backpack. Julie had said that she won’t go to School with a Backpack if she does not get the Blue Backpack. (The Backpack Colour she wants to get).

Activity 2

I didn’t get this Activity.

Activity 3

Ask what someone needs = Qu’est-ce qu’il te faut?

Tell What you Need = Il me faut…

Get a salesperson’s attention = Pardon, mademoiselle…

Ask the price of something = C’est combien?

Say you like or prefer something = like, Il est super! prefer, J’aime mieux…..

Say you don’t like something = Il est horrible!

Activity 4

Mme Pelletier asks Julie what she needs for school. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a box of colored pencils. Mme Pelletier asks a salesperson if she has any pencil cases. Mme Pelletier asks the price of a calculator. Julie points out a bag she likes.

Activity 5

I can’t do this Question because you need a partner to do this question.