Art Reflection: Our Final Project!!

Recently in Art Class, we have been working on “Printing“. Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a Master form or Template. And for this Project, we have used a template. First, we had to think of a design. And for Practice, we drew lots of design’s from lots of Culture. Next, we learned the “Positive Space” and the “Negative Space”. Then we drew the design we made, then we started carving the Template. After we finished Carving our design, we did some Test Printing. Test Printing is when you test if the Printing works. After we did the Test Printing, we then started to Print on different Colours of Paper. And we used different kinds of Ink.

I don’t really know what Culture design/pattern I was specifically influenced by. But if I picked, I think it would be the design/pattern from Japan. And my main pattern on my template is the Japan Flag. So I think I had some patterns in my mind that I wanted to Carve. I mostly think that I was influenced by this design/pattern from Japan.

Picture Credits

Picture of Design from Japan

And this is my Template I carved!!!

My art Template!


After I finished printing, I put all my Prints together and glued it on a Black Sheet of Paper! The Japan Flags in the Middle Intersect.  We printed with various  amount of Colour! ( I had 3 more!)

My FInal Print Paper!

The most Challenging part in this project was Carving the Template. Because our Art teacher Mr. Reed, had warned us a few times that, we will be only given 1 Template, so you can only carve the front and the backside. Which means that we only had 2 chances and we can’t make a mistake. So I was first really nervous when I started Carving. But after I started carving for about 10 minutes, I started getting used to carving. And fortunately, I didn’t make any big mistakes.

My Problem during this Project was that , I couldn’t decide if I was finished or if I wasn’t finished carving. I couldn’t decide because, I was scared if I had to carve more or if I made a mistake and had to restart on the backside. My solution for this problem was asking people. So I went asking my Class mates if they thought that my Template was finished or not. And all of the People I asked said that I was finished, so I was really relieved.

This year in Art Class, I learned a lot of things that will help me in 7th grade, 8th grade and so on. So I will describe some things that I thought was really helpful.

The first thing I thought was really helpful is how to do/make Gradation. I think that this will be helpful in the next few grades because, you can use Gradation in lots of kind of Paintings/Drawing. For example, I used Gradation in my Portrait painting last Project.

Picture Credits

Picture of Gradation

The second thing I thought was really helpful was Shades. We learned making shading/shades in the first Project, where we drew our selves (Self Portrait). I think this really helps because, it makes it look like its 3D. So lots of people used this Shading technique in the First Project.

Picture Credits

Picture of Shading

The last thing I thought was really helpful was Carving. We learned this in the Project we just finished. I thought this was really helpful because, I thought that we are going to do more Printing Projects in the next few years. And we might do it when we grow up. Not for like a School Assignment. But we might just do it for fun.

Picture Credits

Carving Tool

Through this year, I loved doing all of these Art Projects we did and Art Class was Super Fun! I learned lots of stuff and I think that it is going to be really helpful for the next few years and maybe more. I really look forward to the next 7th grade Art Class!



Important Person Speech Reflection

(I have forgotten to post this! I’m really Sorry)

Recently in Drama Class we have been working on “Speeches”. In this Speech, we had to pick a Important person in my life and do a Speech. Some people might think this was a easy task. But actually it was quite hard to pick one important person in my life and to do the Speech. I have picked my Mom.

This is my Speech.


My best skill was that I had a good pace when I was talking. Because, everyone could understand what I was saying. If I had a fast/slow pace, it will be hard for the audience to understand what I am saying.

I should improve on content. Because, my Speech was only about 1 minute. I could of made it a little bit longer. And I could of made it more detailed.

Here is a Speech that I appealed to me.


I think her best skills were that she had modulation. Because, she always had good pitch, pace and volume.

She should improve on facial expression because, she never smiled in her speech.

Movie Trailer Reflection

Lately in Drama Class, we have been creating a Audio Movie trailer. In my group their were 4 people. (Me, Hana C, James and Qurijin.) We had a fun time making it. We had to pick a genre, and we picked “Mystery”. I’ve done the editing so, I am not in the Trailer (My voice is not in).

This is our Audio Movie Trailer.


This is our Script.

I think our success in the Audio Movie Trailer was that we had a great script that was attractive to people (audience). Because, if it wasn’t attractive no one would go to see the Movie.

I think our point we had to improve was about the Recording. Because, when we were recording, we recorded with the Music and the Voice. So I thought that it was kind of strange when you hear it.

By working on this project, I learned how to make a interesting Audio Movie Trailer.