Important Person Speech Reflection

(I have forgotten to post this! I’m really Sorry)

Recently in Drama Class we have been working on “Speeches”. In this Speech, we had to pick a Important person in my life and do a Speech. Some people might think this was a easy task. But actually it was quite hard to pick one important person in my life and to do the Speech. I have picked my Mom.

This is my Speech.


My best skill was that I had a good pace when I was talking. Because, everyone could understand what I was saying. If I had a fast/slow pace, it will be hard for the audience to understand what I am saying.

I should improve on content. Because, my Speech was only about 1 minute. I could of made it a little bit longer. And I could of made it more detailed.

Here is a Speech that I appealed to me.


I think her best skills were that she had modulation. Because, she always had good pitch, pace and volume.

She should improve on facial expression because, she never smiled in her speech.

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