Movie Trailer Reflection

Lately in Drama Class, we have been creating a Audio Movie trailer. In my group their were 4 people. (Me, Hana C, James and Qurijin.) We had a fun time making it. We had to pick a genre, and we picked “Mystery”. I’ve done the editing so, I am not in the Trailer (My voice is not in).

This is our Audio Movie Trailer.


This is our Script.

I think our success in the Audio Movie Trailer was that we had a great script that was attractive to people (audience). Because, if it wasn’t attractive no one would go to see the Movie.

I think our point we had to improve was about the Recording. Because, when we were recording, we recorded with the Music and the Voice. So I thought that it was kind of strange when you hear it.

By working on this project, I learned how to make a interesting Audio Movie Trailer.

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