On explore Québec !

  • Who founded Québec and in which year?

  • What is so special about this historic district that it has been placed on the World Heritage list?


Québec was found by Samuel de Champlain in 1608. I think it is on the Worlds Heritage list because, in 2008 Quebec celebrated its 400th aniversary. http://bit.ly/1sAqqaT

  • What is the French expression that one can read on the number plates of people’s cars and which is a sign of the people of Québec’s allegiance to French tradition?

1st. On the Number Plate, it says “I remember” in French. 2nd. Saying that the Québec War would observe french traditions with pride no matter who controls their region country.

  • En été

    • Choose two summer activities that you would like to do: give their names in French, include a picture and a short description.

Les Tennis

I want to do this sport because, I have never tried it before. http://bit.ly/1jQwK6K


Les basket

 I would like to do basketball because, I like it. http://bit.ly/1vqzaCI


  • En automne

    • Choose two Fall activities that you would like to do: give their names in French, include a picture and a short description.


Mountain Biyciling. http://bit.ly/1scbkaa


  • En hiver

    • Choose two winter activities that you would like to do: give their names in French, include a picture and a short description.


A activity you celebrate on December 25th. http://bit.ly/1pCWgh6


  • Au printemps

    • Choose two Spring activities that you would like to do: give their names in French, include a picture and a short description.

les skiing

A sports you do in the Snow. http://bit.ly/1p8BQh0


Two Weeks with the Queen

Recently in English Class, we read a Play called “Two Weeks with the Queen”. This story is about a family who lives in Australia and the Younger Brother (Luke) gets cancer and their Parents send the Older Brother (Colin) to his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins house in England. And he thinks that the Queen has the best Doctor in the World, so he goes to see the Queen.

We had to pick 3 Adjectives for what we thought of the Play. So I picked Fun (Amusing, Entertaining and Cheerful), Interesting (Attractive, Unusual, Appealing) and Sad (Tearful, Depressing and Joyless).

I think that it was a Fun play because, their were some entertaining parts. For example, this was a scene when Luke was in the Hospital, waiting for his results for his Cancer test, Luke, Colin and the Nurse that was taking care of Colin were playing Cricket together.

In the hospital ward Luke, dressed in a Hospital gown, gets set to bat. A Nurse sets a pile of bedpans for a wicket and gets down to catch. Colin enters running from off and bowls a beauty. Luke hits it off for six. From out of Sight a loud matronly voice yells ‘howzat!’ Marton enters holding the ball between finger and thumb, her face sour. P.12

I think it was a Interesting play because, it was unusual where Luke went to find the Best Doctor in the World and to see the Queen. Because, usually, you can’t say that you can see the Queen to get the best doctor in the World.

I think it was a Sad play because, it was depressing when we knew that Luke is going to die and he can’t be cured by the Doctors.


Sports et passe-temps ! -French E-learing-

Activity 1

  1. What is Emilie sending to Leticia along with her letter?
  2. What are some of Emilie’shobbies and pastimes?
  3. What would she like to know about Leticia and San Diego?
  4. What does Emilie tell Leticia about the city of Quebec?
  5. What else have you learned about Emilie from her letter?

1).  She sends a Video about Quebec and a Brochur.

2). She likes to do Tennis and Skiing and Baseball etc…

3). She wants to know what kind of place San Diego is.

4). She tells her its great.

5). She likes to listen to Music.

Activity 2

  1. «J’adore faire du sport.»
  2. «Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ça.»
  3. «Pour moi, Québec, c’est barbant en hiver.»
  4. «Faire des films avec un caméscope, pour moi, c’est passionnant.»
  5. «Je regarde la télé en hiver quand il fait trop froid.»
  6. «La musique? Bof! Je n’aime pas beaucoup ça.»

1). Likely

2). Unlikely

3). Unlikely

4). Likely

5). Likely

6). Unlikely

Activity 3

  1. greet Leticia?
  2. ask how Leticia is?
  3. ask about the weather?
  4. tell what she likes?
  5. express her opinion about something?
  6. inquire about California?
  7. say goodbye?

1). Salut!

2). Comment ça va?

3). Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait?

4). J’aime, J’adore

5). C’est Super

6). Et la Californie, c’est comment?

7). Au revoir

Activity 4

  1. Au printemps, Emilie fait…
  2. En hiver, elle fait…
  3. En automne, elle fait…
  4. En été, elle fait…

1). Au printemps, Emilie fait de l’équitation.

2). En hiver, elle fait du ski.

3). En automne, elle fait elle fait du patin et de la natation.

4). En été, elle fait du deltaplane et de la voile.

Activity 5

  1. Emilie fait du ski.
  2. Elle écoute de la musique.
  3. Emilie fait des films avec un caméscope.
  4. Elle fait de l’équitation.
  5. Quand il fait trop froid pour sortir, Emilie regarde la télé.
  6. Emilie joue au tennis.

1). Moi Aussi

2). Moi Aussi

3). Moi Aussi

4). Moi Aussi

5). Moi Aussi

6). Moi Non


Science iPad Blog Post

Recently in Science class, we were talking about the E-waste (Electronic Waste) . Which is the place where you burn off plastic and take the copper out. But this is the Problem. If you burn Plastic, their will be toxic. Which can cause, Lung Cancer etc.

My classmate interviewed the Tech Office, and they said that the computers which are less then 3 years old, the IT Office gives it back to Apple. But they don’t know what will happen after they give it to Apple. If its older then 3 years old, they take out the good parts in the old computers and get a broken computer and put the good parts in to that broken computer.

I think we should not increase or decrease the iPad program because, if we start giving it to 6th graders, I think their is too much pressure on them because, when I was a 6th grader and when it was the first day of school, I was very nervous because, my friends in 7th grade were saying that they had a lot of Home work compared to elementary school, and we didn’t know what class we are in and we get a computer. I think there will be too much pressure if we add a iPad in their. And if was a new student there will be even more Pressure to them. So as a 7th grader who experienced 6th grade, I think we should still make it only 7th graders who gets the iPads.

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