Recently in PE, we have been doing a sport called “International Rules Football”. And we made a smart goal to work on while on this Unit.

My goal is to work on being a Leader and not always an follower. I think that this is important because, if you are always listening and not talking (like me) sometimes I should be a leader and lead the group by communicating. For example, I can talk more and add to the conversation with my group. Another example is when we are discussing in a large group (Teacher+Students) I can raise my hand and participate more in the Discussion and share my ideas with others.

I think this is a SMART goal because, it is Specific, because, I can remember it when we have a group discussion in class. It is Measurable and I want to be able to accomplish this goal until this Unit ends. It is Attainable, if I try hard, I think this goal will not be impossible. It is Relevent and it is Time based.

Responding to In a Glass Grimmly -by Adam Gidwitz

The book I chose is the book I just finished. It’s called In a glass grimmly by Adam Gidwitz. This book is about a girl called Jill and a boy called Jack. They go to adventures to find the magical seeing glass with a talking frog. They almost get drowned by a Mermaid, Jack almost cutting off his hands with a sword and more..


Picture From

The first connection with me and this book is that, as same as Jack and Jill, I’m always interested in lots of kinds of stuff and I’m very adventurous. The Second connection with me and the book is that, I like mysteries and I try to solve it. Just like when Jill and Jack were trying to find out what happened to the Mermaid.

This book reminded me of a book called Swindle by Gordon Korman. He is one of my favorite author and in this book, the main character goes to find out mysteries and tries to solve them. I thought these books are kind of related because,  they go to adventures and try to solve them with Friends and with an animal.

This book doesn’t really have a connection to the world because, lots of magical things happen. For example a talking frog, mermaids and more. But I think that one thing that connects to the World is trust. In this story, while Jack and Jill go to an adventure, they face a lots of problems and they trust each other. Like the real world, you have to trust to each other a lot.



Gr 7 SMART Goals

Recently, in tutor class, we have been working on our smart goals. S stands for “Specific”. M stands “Measurable”. A stands “Attainable”. R stands for”Relevant”. T stands “Time-based”. And we had to make 2 goals. One which is a Community based goal and a Academic based goal. I checked my goals with Jaemin.

My Community based goal is to be a Leader and not always a Follower. For example, when we talk in a group conversation, I listen and not speak and add to the Conversation. This involves myself, the people in my group and the teacher. I want to get better at this because, in my grade comments, some said that Vienna is a quiet student in class. So I want to try to participate more while class.  I think this goal is achievable and Relevant. I will try to be a leader and participate more from now on.

My Academic based goal is to get 7/8 or 8/8 in my French tests. This goal effects myself, my French teacher and my parents. I want to achieve this goal because, I want to get better at it and speak fluently. I want to speak french fluently because, if I meet french people I can speak to them in French and, when I vist a country that speaks french, I can communicate to them using French. I want to get these scores on at least 3 of my tests this year. This might be hard but if I learn hard every class and if I review stuff we learned before our tests, I might be able to achieve this goal. I think this goal is Relevant and Time-based.

Pig Eye Disection

Recently in Science class, we have been learning about Eyes. And finally we disected a pig eye.

When you look at an object, the light rays from the object goes through your eyes through a clear window called the cornea. Then it goes through the pupil. The light rays are focused to shape an image at the retina. The light-sensitive cells in your retina send signals to your brain. Then your brain makes the image so you can see it. But first the image is flipped so the Brain makes it correct and flips it back. The cornea helps focus light rays that allow you to see words and image clearly. The optic nerve is connected to the brain. The iris contains muscles that allow the pupil to become larger and smaller. The lens is behind the pupil and it can change shapes to focus on objects people that are nearby or at a distance.

Same as Jaemin, I can’t upload the pictures. I don’t know why.