Learning about Religions || I&S

        Recently, in I&S class we have been learning and working on some projects about religion and how they are similar to each other. In my memory I don’t think my grandfather (that live in America) believes in any sort of religions but my grandmother used to go to church so they celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.. which goes for the same as my family too. If I think now I have some clothes that I wear which are islamic patterned which is related to the art that the islamic people thought of that maybe was/are used to introduce their religion to people. But I know that my Grandmother (that lives in Japan) is Catholic and my mother was baptized when she was a baby and, also went to a catholic pre school. This might be the reason why I don’t know that much about greek religion because, my family is more on the Christian/Catholic side. I also know some stories and beliefs about Christianity because, I used to go to church every Sunday when I was little. This affected me and my family by celebrating Christian holidays and celebration.