Stereotypes & Characters || Drama

Recently in Drama class, we have been working on stereotypes and characterization.

Stereotypes is a particular type of person or a thing that individuals came together. Stereotypes are Almost every culture, For example stereotypes can be Gender, Race, Social Status, and Education. If it was a stereotypes of gender, it can mean that Man are strong (most of the time) and do all the work. Women do the house work (cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house etc…). Stereotypes are useful when you are researching something, acting someone or something in a play.

It is also not relevant to ‘judge a book by its cover because, it means that its only judged by their appearance not including the most important part which is the inside and what it contains. For example, if a camera is visually appealing many people will think that the camera has great quality. But it might have the worst quality and won’t be useful. It is important to seek the importance in the inside and not the outside.



Field Studies || Grade 8

We as a grade are going to field studies next week to Minakami to do some water activities which is located in Gunma prefecture. We are going to do some Rafting, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and Geocaching (possibly more). I have a fear for heights in open space so there is a high probability that I will throw up so I am certainly not looking forward to rock climbing and falling off a cliff (included in the rafting activity). But I am excited about Geocaching, Canoeing and Mountain Biking (if they don’t include dangerous situations). Canoeing is slightly out of my comfort zone because, I haven’t done this activity since 6th grade field studies when it was my first time canoeing so it might be a little challenge for me.