What is the Difference Between Nature and Nurture? | I&S

Recently in our I&S class, we have just started a unit about Nature and Nurture relating to Psychology. During the past couple classes discussing about this topic, I have found out that characteristics and physical abilities can be passed on to individuals by nature (genes) and can also be shaped by the environment the individual grew up in or/and what she/he learned over the course of he/she’s life.

Our class filled a form which was to figure out if your physical characteristics/physical abilities/behaviors/likes/dislikes were connected to nature or nurture. By filling out this form I have found out that my ability to swim well could be nature, because both my parents are swimmers or, because I have been swimming for over 7 years now. However I discovered that most of my physical characteristics are nature, and my behaviors are mostly nurture.

In class we also watched a few videos relating to Nature vs Nurture. According to the video about identical twins and how they grow, one of the twins receive more nutritions in the womb compared to the other twin. The video talked about how this explains why one twin can grow up to be taller than the other twin and how one can have a higher IQ than the other twin. They tested the twins with the same test over the years and they have found out that even though the twin that got less nutrition in the womb had a lower IQ when they first started testing the twins, over time the twin with the less nutrition’s IQ rose faster than the twin with that got more nutritions. This study shows that even though two kids are identical twins, one can be smarter at first because of the genes. However the environment the twins grow up in (nurture) and what they learn can impact the ones IQ and make them as smart as the one that was smart by genes.

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