GCD: YIS Expeditions

Recently, us students and a few teachers had one week off from the regular school schedule to go on an expedition of our choice. With my past experience with diving, I chose to be certified for the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in an island called “Ishigaki-Jima” which is located in the south of Japan.

From this experience, I was reminded that if a trash is littered on land, it eventually finds its way to the ocean to disrupt marine life. Around my house, there are a few sightseeing spots which attract many tourists, leading to a lot of litter. However, because I am in that environment every day, seeing trash on the ground starts to feel normal. But by being in a different environment close to the beach, it made me notice that very few litters are on the ground. It showed how the people living around the beach are aware of the consequences of littering near the beach, and also were preventing it by putting up posters that advocated for people to take their trash home. Therefore not only did this experience make me learn how I not aware of the litter around me and in my environment, but it changed me to pick up trash and properly put it in a trash bin. Especially plastics since many are not bio-degradable and take few hundred years to decompose, and damages the animals in the wildlife. (Answering: What did you learn about wilderness, what did you learn about yourself, how has this learning changed you?)

The picture below and on the left are pictures taken at a flower field near the beach. It did not have any garbage lying around.


The video below is a video taken at the beach, and no litter can be seen in the ocean as well.

The picture on the left is a picture taken at the beach. It is notable how no litter can be seen lying around on the beach.

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