About Meeeee :3

Hi I’m Vienna!

I know what you are saying,

“Why is her name the capital of Austria?”

Well…. My parents loved Austria (Which is in Europe, and next to “Switzerland”, “Italy” and “Germany”)

so they thinked and thinked and thinked and named me the Capital of “Austria” thats “Vienna”. But I am not from Austria.

So lets go back to my introduction!

I have been in YIS (Yokohama International School) for 7 years.  And this is some things about ME!

My Age / Grade: I am 12 years old and in 7th Grade

Nationality: I am Half Japanese and Half American

Pets: One extra ordinary dog “Hana” which means “Bright” or or “Colorful” in Japanese, and a cute bird “Natsu” which means “Summer” in Japanese.

“Hana” is a Pug and “Natsu” is a Java Sparrow!

Hana :3Natsu :3

I like to do some sports for example, Cross-Country, Swimming and Skiing! I enjoy taking pictures of Animals and Nature! I also like reading mystery books, detective books and more 🙂

I like to take some pictures of Animals too. But almost half of my pictures are pictures of my pets, “Hana” and “Natsu”.  But when ever I am traveling, I like to take pictures of the Weather from the some where high. I some times take pictures from the airplane too! I like the clouds when they are below me. Its cool!

This is my favorite Video! “What Does The Fox Say?” Its so funny!

My favorite food is “Pizza” and “Miso soup”. The food I hate are “Broccoli”,  “Egg Plant” and “Mushroom”.  In all of the Vegetables I like Tomato, Lettuce, Spinach, Potato and Cucumber. (By the way, I don’t know if “Tomato” is a Vegetable or a Fruit. I believe Tomato it is a Vegetable lol)

My favorite books are”Scat” by Carl Hiaasen and “The Final Problem” by Arthur Conan Doyle.

My hobbies are to “Run” and “Take Pictures”. I don’t like to run in a competition, but I just like to run as a hobby. I hope you enjoy my Blog 🙂

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