Field Studies Reflection | 2015

A few weeks ago, we went to something called ‘Field Studies’. Field Studies is a thing that our whole grade including a few teachers go for a trip for 5 days and do some outdoor (for our grade) activities and interact with each other. Our main reason of going this year was to get out of our ‘comfort zones’.

That must be the main reason we had many activities and challenging things. We did Rafting, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Ropes + Rock Climbing, Geocashing, Canyoning, and did some team building activities. We also had a production group where we split in to small groups and made a skit about the word we were given. Our groups word was ‘cooperation’ so we made a skit where 3 customers cooperate and defeat the robbers in the shop which was phenomenal.

Also before I went on the trip, I was terrified of my roommates and who it will be. One of my biggest fears were not getting any people I wrote on the survey (so the teachers can sort out the roommates and who will be with who) most of the people got at least 1 person they wanted. But the worst part is that I didn’t get anyone I wanted in my room. Yes, literally no one (This was probably how I started saying ‘I wanna go home’ everyday 24/7). When I knew that I freaked out but, afterwords when I got in my room, I noticed that I had 2 close friends in my room which made me feel much better. After staying in the same room as 2 people I didn’t really know (we had 5 people in our room) I got to know them a little better.

But I had the worst luck during field studies. I literally was sick for the whole time ‘accidentally’ spreading my sickness to the people around me. Which means I had to sleep and get some rest. So I couldn’t do Canyoning, Ropes + Rock Climbing. Even though I did some activities such as Rafting, Canoeing and Mountain Biking, the only two that were fun and ok were Rafting and Canoeing. This is because, when I was doing Mountain Biking and going down that steep hill which was terrifying to me, I panicked and pushed the breaks on my bike too hard that my mountain bike front flipped more times then it should. By memory, I think it front flipped about 5 times and about 3/5th of the time, I was on the bike but escaped somehow. The team building activity and games were not bad because, my group members were fun I thought it was. But I wish we had free time more to spend with friends because, all the time for free time we had were only in the night before we shower and sleep and a small portion of time before breakfast. But it wasn’t bad as I thought and even though I was sick the whole time, some of the activities were fun.

Field Studies || Grade 8

We as a grade are going to field studies next week to Minakami to do some water activities which is located in Gunma prefecture. We are going to do some Rafting, Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and Geocaching (possibly more). I have a fear for heights in open space so there is a high probability that I will throw up so I am certainly not looking forward to rock climbing and falling off a cliff (included in the rafting activity). But I am excited about Geocaching, Canoeing and Mountain Biking (if they don’t include dangerous situations). Canoeing is slightly out of my comfort zone because, I haven’t done this activity since 6th grade field studies when it was my first time canoeing so it might be a little challenge for me.