Tomorrow is School….

Dear Readers, tomorrow (January 6th) Our School starts….. I don’t really feel like going to school… I just want to stay Home and Relax. I think most of the people don’t want to go to

school after the Winter Brake… (Picture From)

  Oh, and Happy New Year! Sorry I forgot to write a Post about that…. Oh well. At the 1st of Day of 2014, I was so tired that I slept in. After I woke up I started reading a Book. (Keep in Mind that I will not stop for a while when I start reading a book!)

I stopped reading after about 1 hour has passed.

Then I started watching the T.V.

Next, I when to my Dogs Walk.

Then I ate Lunch.

Then Read more Books.

Then I started cleaning my Room.

Then started watching T.V again.

When I realized it was the time to eat Dinner.

So thats how my first Day of 2014. Yah, some people might think “Well that person is Lazy! Why would you do those boring stuff at the first day of the Year?!” Well it wasn’t that boring for me. Because, I finished Two books that day, which I got for Christmas. So Thank you for reading my 90% Boring, 10% Fun Post! I hope you had a fun “First Day Of The Year!” And sorry that I couldn’t write a lots of Posts! ( I was Busy at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! 🙂 )

Last Day in Osaka!!

Hello Everyone! So this will be my Last Day in Osaka…. It was Very Very Fun! So today I woked up at 9:00AM. (I was very Tired) Then I had to pack my stuff in to my Day Pack. After I finished packing, I helped my mom pack some Souvenirs in to the Suit Case. Then we checked out the Hotel at 11:00AM. Then we went to our Aunts House. We stayed there for about 3 Hours. Then we got on the “Shinkan-Sen”, (Bullet Train). We were on that for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sorry, everyone I forgot to take pictures so I don’t have a picture in my post. Sorry. But Osaka and Kyoto were very Fun!

Second Day in Osaka!

Hi Everyone! So I have been in Osaka for Two days now! Today I went to Kyoto! (Kyoto is a Prefecture that is next to Osaka.) 

To Kyoto, we went by Train. It took us about 50 Minutes. When we got their, we went to find a place where we can buy some yummy food, and shop.

After we shopped, we went to eat some Lunch. For Lunch, we ate in a Hamburger Shop. Then my Cousin said they want to go eat Dessert, ( I went with my Cousin, Aunt and my Mom) so we went to a Cafe called “Yojiya”.

I drank a Peach Jelly Tea. It was really good! Then we started walking toward the Station. When we got near the Station, my Mom said that she wanted to walk more around the town. But my Aunt had to go back to Osaka, so my Aunt went back to Osaka by here self. So when my Aunt went back, my Mom, My Cousin and me started walking around the town. While we were walking we brought some Souvenirs, and went in to a narrow street. In that narrow Street there was lots of old houses and some Interesting things. When we went even further in the town there was a big Temple! Their were lots of people going inside.



After we walked for about an Hour, we started walking back to the Station. When we got back to our Hotel, it was about 5:00PM. So we started packing so we can leave fast tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers, Merry Christmas!

Did you know that Santa Claus is from “Patara, Turkey”?

Well, the origin of the Character “Santa Claus” goes back to the lengendary bishop Nicholas who lived in Myra in the 4th century which today is a city in Turkey.

(Picture From)

But their is a Small Village in “Finland” By the way, do you know why Santa Claus wears White and Red Clothes? I think lots of you know…. But just in case I will tell you. Lots of people say its because, “Coca-Cola” used it to advertise their drinks. But some people say that originally the Color of “Santa Claus” was Red and White, and I think that the Color of Santa Claus was originally Red and White. (Picture From)

I just thought that was interesting… Thank you for reading my Post! and….

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!


My Very Own Kotatsu!

Happy Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas! So here is a fast Merry Christmas to Everyone who is Reading my Post right Now!

I got off track a little, ok, so moving on to the Main Issue, do you know what a “Kotatsu” is? Some people may have heard of it and maybe some didn’t.

A Kotatsu is a Low Wooden Table covered by a Futon or a Heavy Blanket, upon which a table top sits, and Kotatsu is one of the first heaters in Japan. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.  It was first made in the ”Muromachi Period”  (1333-1573). (Some Informations from Wikipedia!) This is one of the Normal Kotatsu in Japan! ↓ (Picture From) This is a Picture taken underneath of the Kotatsu! ↓ (Picture From)

So I wanted a Kotatsu but my mom said “No, its too big!”. So I decided to make my own (This is in my room. Because, if I made one in the Living Room, my Mom would get real Mad!)

So this is the Kotatsu I made! ↓

I had a big table in my closet. So I used that as a table and put a big blanket on it. Then got some Cushions (Floor Pillow) and put it on the Floor. Next I got out a small heater and put it on the floor near the table. Then its finish!

You just have to turn on the heater and put it inside the Table and put your feet inside the table! Just be Careful not to Burn Yourself by putting the Heater too close to your feet! Once you get in it, it feels really good so you can’t get out….

Thank you for reading my Post!

Japanese Paper Cut out!

I was so bored so I made some Japanese Paper Cutouts!

In Japanese it is called ”切り絵”. You can make this by using Origami (is the Japanese word for paper folding), a Pencil and a pair of Scissors.

First you take the Origami and fold it in half. Then you take the Pencil and draw a shape. For example you can draw the half of the Leaf. Then you cut the part where you drew with the Pencil out with the Scissors. Then it’s done! This is a Paper Cut out I made!

I sometimes do this kind of Crafting when I’m really bored, and it is really fun!

Thank you for Reading!

Orange Picking!

I went to Orange Picking with my friend “Sae“, her Little Sister “Aina” and their mom and my mom. This was in “Ninomiya” that is in Kanagawa Prefecture. Orange Picking in Japanese is called “Mikangari”. We picked a lot of oranges then played Hide and Seek! We picked almost 4 big boxes of Oranges!

Our New Family!

This is our new family that just came in 2 weeks ago! I will Introduce a “Java Sparrow” “Natsu”! This mean’s “Summer” in Japanese. This is a picture of her/him! (It is a bird so, we don’t know the gender if you don’t do an DNA Test)

She/He is only 2 months old!